WWE Raw results: Daniel Bryan rejects Shawn Michaels' apology, attacks him


It certainly seemed like Daniel Bryan lost the title because of special guest referee Shawn Michael’s interference. After Bryan got physical with Triple H, Michaels delivered a Sweet Chin Music to the superstar. That knocked out Bryan, allowing Randy Orton to pin him giving him the WWE Championship.

Shawn Michaels tried to explain his actions to Daniel Bryan in the ring. He explained that his friendship with Triple H supersedes everything else and that he was trying to defend his friend. Then he asked Bryan to accept his apology and shake his hand but Bryan resisted.

Michaels felt disrespected that Bryan wouldn’t shake his hand and asked for the respect he deserved. That let to an angry tirade from Michaels who called Bryan an ungrateful puke. Once he offered his hand a second time, Bryan attacked him and got him in an S-Lock.

Michaels was tapping as three referees ran down to pull Bryan off of Michaels.


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