WWE Raw results: John Cena defeats Damien Sandow to retain Heavyweight Championship


Cena was celebrating his WWE Heavyweight Championship and addressing the crowd when he was interrupted by Damien Sandow, who is the holder of the Money in the Bank briefcase. He questioned Cena’s arm and his miraculous recover. Sandow said that Cena has to be less than 100 percent. He teased the crowd saying he could cash in the briefcase, he then said he wouldn’t tonight.

Then Sandow began to attack and beat Cena with the briefcase. With Cena laying on the mat, Sandow threw his arm repeatedly into the ring post. The onslaught continued outside the ring. Sandow threw Cena into the barricade, then put his injured arm on the steel steps and whacked it with a steel chair.With Cena writhing in pain, Sandow called for a referee to cash in.

The referee let Cena get to his feet before cashing in. Cena started the match on the attack, Sandow regained the upper-hand quickly and began to work on Cena’s arm.

Cena clutched his arm throughout the match.

Cena managed to reverse a move and give Sandow the Attitude Adjustment. Sandow rolled out of the ring, Cena could’ve won by count out but brought him back in. He went for a one-handed STF that failed.

Sandow tried to pin Cena multiple times but he failed. There was an exciting sequence where they reversed submissions and finishing moves, which ended with Sandow trying to pin Cena, but unsuccessfully.

Eventually Cena landed an Attitude Adjustment and pinned Sandow to retain his WWE Heavyweight Championship.

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