Arcade Fire: Reflektor, new album met with great reviews

Arcade Fire dropped their new album today, “Reflektor”, today and it was immediately met with some great reviews. The band’s fourth album was their most anticipated to date, and it surely delivered.


Reflektor‘s sound is lush and imaginative, but never in a way that suffocates you with the fumes of its polish. It’s limber and loose, as though the songs were performed live; the arrangements breathe, seethe, and sweat. As their detractors will be quick to point out, Arcade Fire’s greatest crime in the past has been sometimes coming off too stately and self-serious (The Suburbs in particular had a buttoned-up quality that failed to capture the frenzied energy of their live shows), but on the first half of Reflektor they often feel like they’re deflating their own sense of grandeur. It’s nice to hear a band that showed up on the scene quite literally dressed for a funeral now sounding like they’re having (at least a little) fun.

Arcade Fire leaked their full album online earlier this week, but now you will have to go out and purchase it on iTunes to catch their new, riveting sound.

Here is the full track list for the brand new album:

“Vol. I”
“We Exist”
“Flashbulb Eyes”
“Here Comes The Night Time”
“Normal Person”
“You Already Know”
“Joan of Arc”

“Vol. II”
“Here Comes The Night Time II”
“Awful Sound (Oh, Eurydice)”
“It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)”

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