Aubrey Plaza has awkward meeting with Heat star Chris Bosh


Film and television star Aubrey Plaza is a unique individual that isn’t afraid to march to the beat of her own drum, so when she enters the headlines it is usually for something strange or entertaining.

In the past, Plaza has been open about her love for Miami Heat star Chris Bosh, so when the two met on the set of Parks and Recreation she finally got the chance to meet the man of her obsession.

Unfortunately for Plaza, it was an awkward meeting and she suffered the same fate that many of us fear would occur if we met a famous star that we lusted over.

When Plaza went to meet Bosh, he ended up having no clue who she was.

Plaza told Vulture:

“Big mistake. He comes in the hair and makeup trailer and I say, ‘Hey, I’m Helena. I’m going to do your hair.’ I’m thinking that he’s going to go, ‘Oh, it’s you!’ and instead, he went, ‘Hi, nice to meet you.’ He sat down, and I was like, ‘Well … you look really good, Chris. I guess we don’t have to buzz anything or edge you up. Or, maybe, do you want me to edge you up?’ He was like, ‘No, no, I’m good.’ He said it was really nice to be there and he was being really polite, and he literally didn’t know who I was. So I kept the bit going, and I kept doing more outrageous things so that he would get a clue that it was me joking around. I picked up this Afro wig and I was like, ‘What about this? How about this fake mustache?’ and he just kept staring straight down at the floor, probably thinking to himself, ‘Wow, the hair department on this show is really crazy. All I want to do is get out of this trailer.’ The whole time I’m thinking,Well, I’ve done it so long now that I actually think it would be more awkward if I took my glasses off and went, ‘It’s me!’ That would’ve been weird.

Whether or not Bosh ended up knowing who she was remains to be seen, but it doesn’t look like a Plaza and Bosh romance will be starting anytime soon.

It does, however, show that Chris Bosh lives in his own world and he doesn’t have any interest in staying up to date with the top figures in pop culture.

While I would prefer to avoid getting my hair and makeup done, I envy Bosh for his up-close encounter. He should have played his card a little better.

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