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Eminem MMLP2 album leak: Marshall Mathers LP 2 shipped to stores; leak expected soon

As we all await next Tuesday’s release of Eminem’s latest album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, we appear to be getting closer to a leak. With the official Nov. 5 release just one week away, the album has been shipped to stores.

This photo of a shipment surfaced on Twitter today:

With the album now in the stores receiving departments, it is expected that the leak could soon be coming.

Until then, be sure to listen to the singles off of the album that have already been released:

Will you be buying Eminem’s new album as soon as it drops? Sound off in the comments section below.

Here is the track list for The Marshall Mathers LP 2:

Track listing:

  1. Bad Guy
  2. Parking Lot (Skit)
  3. Rhyme or Reason
  4. So Much Better
  5. Survival
  6. Legacy
  7. Asshole ft. Skylar Grey
  8. Berzerk
  9. Rap God
  10. Brainless
  11. Stronger Than I Was
  12. The Monster ft. Rihanna
  13. So Far…
  14. Love Game ft. Kendrick Lamar
  15. Headlights ft. Nate Ruess
  16. Evil Twin
  17. Baby (Bonus track on deluxe edition)
  18. Desperation ft. Jamie N Commons (Bonus track on deluxe edition)
  19. Groundhog Day (Bonus track on deluxe edition)
  20. Beautiful Pain ft. Sia (Bonus track on deluxe edition)
  21. Wicked Ways (Bonus track on deluxe edition)

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  • Max Heel

    stupid question but I’m gonna ask it anyway. I read somewhere that the deluxe edition feature the 5 bonus tracks is only available on That can’t be right can it? I want to go get it in the store the day it comes out but if that’s true I only have until tomorrow to place the order on the website so it arrives by 11/5

    • maxx

      you can buy the deluxe anywhere

    • Michael MakeIt Rains

      Deluxe is impossible, have to rap battle Eminem for it

    • gravlin216

      You can preorder the deluxe on itunes right now for 16.99

  • DoffenElias .

    You forgot survival

  • DoffenElias .

    And rap god

  • Lee guy

    Survival is not a single off the album

    • Stu Padasso

      Lol, Yes it is. I’m pretty sure the label changed their mind not long after stating that it wouldn’t be a single…

    • Stan

      Yes it is dummy

    • Dondewan Walker

      your right its not its the same title but its a different song its not ems its J.Cole’s song

  • Gom
    • Stan


  • Silver Wheels

    Gonna buy it. So excited! I planned to buy Earl’s album and then Drake’s album, but chose to pass on both. Here’s the one we’ve been waiting for :).