Invicta FC boots Janet Martin as matchmaker

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Invicta FC is the all-women’s mixed martial arts organization that has consistently put on incredible fights and events. Part of that has been due to their great matchmaking, but now there has been a change at the top.

Invicta president and founder Shannon Knapp recently revealed that Janet Martin is no longer the promotion’s matchmaker.

Knapp shared some of the deatils on MMA Jam Live, (Transcribed by

“I know everyone has danced around and nobody wants to bring it up and I feel really bad because you guys are the first time anyone has spoken to me since the situation with Janet,” said Knapp as transcribed by “I can tell you that you can ask me questions about that, and in all fairness I don’t think it’s fair to you that you’re the first ones that are talking to me and everyone wants to avoid that conversation. I will answer you as honestly as I can.

“There are a few things that I wouldn’t answer because I feel it’s unprofessional, but the situation has thrown a few wrenches we might say, so I just need some time to kind of evaluate again. I’m cleaning up a lot of messes and peeling back a lot of layers of issues, problems, lies… I want to get this stuff cleaned up before I move in on to announcing that and talking more in-depth about 2014.

“That’s not saying we’re going down or anything like that. That’s just being a responsible business person and really needing to go through everything because I’ve still got a lot of restructuring to do. In other words, I’m just being responsible in saying ‘yes that is the plan.’ If one didn’t happen in January, it would happen in February. Only thing that would throw us off is if it was a little more complicated in what I’m cleaning up. But it doesn’t look like it will be at this point in time.”

“My first instinct is just to tell it like it is, but you can’t always do that in business. You can’t just go out there and say it exactly the way it is because there are so many other intertwined things. But c’mon it’s Invicta. You look at our logo, it’s the Phoenix. We’re not going to go down and stay down. It doesn’t matter. We are going to hurdle a lot of obstacles as we continue to grow, and we’ve already hurdled tons.”

There is no word on who will replace Martin as the Invicta matchmaker.

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