New Orleans Pelicans new mascot is terrifying (Photo)

Oct 23, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Pelicans shooting guard Eric Gordon (10) against the Miami Heat during the second half of a preseason game at New Orleans Arena. The Heat defeated the Pelicans 108-95. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to mascots in professional sports, you try your best to abide by two rules. One, you try your best to get something that associates with the team name. Unfortunately that’s a rule that a handful of teams, especially those in the NBA seemingly skip. Thankfully though, not the New Orleans Pelicans who introduced their new mascot tonight.

And like you’d expect, their mascot is a a pelican. Only problem? They broke rule number two – don’t have a mascot that looks like it belongs in nightmares.

Folks, I introduce you to Pierre the Pelican, who will soon haunt your dreams and likely peck you to death before your night is over.

I mean, seriously – mascots aren’t exactly meant for an adult audience, but rather children in the crowd. Now, I’m far removed from being a kid but I’m pretty sure if this guy walked up behind me, I’d either scream/piss/or punch him, then do one of the other aforementioned options.

Sleep with one eye open…


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