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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Kurt Sutter to pen ‘The Life and Death of Sam Crow’

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Fans of the blockbuster series Sons of Anarchy may have just gotten the best news of their entire lives. With the exception of being told that the series will not be ending with Season 7, which it is unfortunately planned to, the news couldn’t possibly be any more exciting.

Series creator Kurt Sutter announced today via Twitter than he would be penning a manuscript known as ‘The Life and Death of Sam Crow’. What is that, you may ask? That would be the manuscript of one John Teller.

You heard me correctly; the manuscript of Jax’ father, SAMCRO Co-Founder, and the very first President of the MC.

Those of you who have been around since the beginning remember hearing Jax read from his father’s journal. Inside its pages, it reveals J.T.’s most intimate thoughts. Everything from the club’s early beginnings, the death of his son Thomas, his relationship with Jax’ mother Gemma, the inevitable betrayal of his best friend Clay Morrow, and ultimately, what he wanted for his son Jax and his eventual grandchildren.

J.T.’s words have guided Jax on his journey to the head of the table. It is the ideals of his father that have led him to where he is now, and that movement to bring the Sons of Anarchy out of the gun trade and into legitimate business.

This is going to be a fantastic read. It should provide a lot of insight into the inner workings of Jax’ mind, and the story of the man who started it all.

According to Sutter, the manuscript will be released the day after the final episode of the series.

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