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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 6 Episode 8 Recap ‘Los Fantasmas’

Oh, the tangled webs we weave. The plot is getting thicker as each episode of Sons of Anarchy comes to pass. Let’s take a look at tonight’s episode entitled ‘Los Fantasmas’.

The Bedridden Scheming Doctor

Speaking of tangled webs…Tara is at the very center of a rather large and sticky one right now.

After faking her pregnancy, framing Gemma for the death of her fake, unborn grandchild, and using the miscarriage as leverage to get Jax to sign the restraining order against Gemma, which included the custody order, she certainly has a lot of lies to keep straight.

When we first see Tara tonight she is sleeping soundly in her bed. Jax is doing all he can to be the doting husband, even bringing her freshly made tea. He tells her that he will take the boys this morning so that she can continue to rest. She plays out the recovering traumatized mother charade for all it’s worth.

A little later in the afternoon, Unser comes to visit her. He confronts her about the path that Tara has taken to get the result she desired. When he asks he straight up how much of her story is true, she asks him if he really wants to know. To me, while she may not have said anything out loud, she told him every single little thing he needed to know.

He tells her that he is not upset about what she did to Gemma, but upset that she had to become something so horrible to do what she thought was right. He told her that he was not going to tell Gemma, but that he couldn’t help her anymore.

Later in the day, she is visited by Lowen. Lowen is visibly disturbed by the things that Tara has done. That seems to be a pattern today.

She tells Tara that they have a pretty much airtight case against both Jax and Gemma when it comes to custody of the boys.

Lowen attempts to talk to Tara about what happened at the hospital. Tara refuses to discuss it, constantly attempting to change the subject. When Lowen won’t let it go, Tara tells her matter-of-factly that she needs to be concentrating on her case. Lowen tells her that in order to defend her properly, she needs full disclosure from Tara. Tara pretty well stone walls her and tells her that she needs to leave.

After Lowen leaves, Tara starts to crack under the weight of all of her lies. She cries to herself all alone in the bathroom. Suddenly, the tears stop. Tara tells herself to get it together. Soon, she is staring into the mirror with an ice cold look on her face. It seems to me that Tara is trying entirely too hard to be Gemma; something she is not very good at.

A little later, she heads out to Scoops & Sweets in search of Jax. Unfortunately, he is out on club business.

In the meantime, she catches up with Bobby. She asks him if he believes that Jax can actually move the club into legitimate business. He tells her that moving there isn’t the problem; it’s staying there that is difficult.

He pleads with her not to give up on Jax. He tells her that he needs her by his side, and that he won’t make it out of this without her.

Oh, if he only knew.

Gemma and the Fake Pregnancy (and loss thereof)

Gemma is at the station, still waiting to be processed for her arrest. Roosevelt asks her for her statement. She asks him what good it will do; after all, she is just a biker queen with a record after all.

He tells Gemma that he still needs her statement.

She lays it all out on the table for him. She tells him that Tara was drawing up a will that would give custody of the boys to a complete stranger, Margaret Murphy. She tells him that she went to the hospital to confront her about it. That is when Tara laid her trap.

She tells him that Tara baited her, even hit her. Gemma tells Roosevelt that she checked herself and that she did not hit Tara, nor did she cause her miscarriage. She goes as far as to tell him that, as crazy as it sounds, that she was never pregnant to begin with.

A little later in the afternoon Unser pays a visit to Roosevelt. He starts to ask questions about Gemma. Roosevelt is a little curious to know how he already knew that Tara was not going to be pressing charges. Unser gives nothing away. He starts to ask what Roosevelt plans to do about Gemma. After a little bit of back and forth about police procedure, Unser tells Roosevelt to tell Gemma that he will be downstairs if she needs a ride.

Shortly after that exchange, we see Unser taking Gemma home.

Unser asks her what Roosevelt told her. She tells Unser that he told her that Tara is not pressing charges, but that he is continuing his investigation and to stay close.

Gemma says that she knows that she hasn’t earned it, but that she needs to know what is going on. He tells her that he believes that she really does love her family, but that love is buried deep under a lot of anger and lies; so much so that he doesn’t know if she can even have those feelings anymore.

Unser tells her that she ultimately has two choices; one of those roads will be long, and uncomfortable, but it will lead her back to the boys. The other road, the one she is already on, will not be so productive.

Later in the day, she goes to the hospital in the hopes of seeing Jax. She tries to tell him the truth. She tries to tell him that she had nothing to do with the loss of their unborn child. Jax is so blinded by Tara’s lies that he can’t even comprehend what his mother is trying to tell him. He tells her flat out that Grandma is dead, and that she will never see Tara or the boys ever again.

Oh, Jax…if you only knew the truth.

Lost Girl Wendy

Wendy is about to go off the deep end; way off the deep end. Everything that has been going on with Jax, Gemma, and the boys is really starting to bear down on her.

When we first see Wendy, she is in her car making a questionable deal…on for drugs.

She heads to Jax and Tara’s house in the hopes of seeing Tara. Maybe, just maybe, Tara can help her make some sense of the thoughts in her head.

Unfortunately for Wendy, Tara is not there. She runs into Jax at the door.

Jax does her no favors. He tells her that she is not welcome there, and he tells her to never come to the house again.

After she makes no headway on the Tara front, she heads to see Gemma. Gemma asks her to come inside and talk.

Wendy is prepared for whatever it is that Gemma has in store for her. Gemma asks her if any of her story was true, more specifically the newcomer attack. Wendy tells her no. Gemma asks if this was her idea or Tara’s. Wendy doesn’t answer.

Gemma tells her that she bet on the wrong horse; however, she is giving her a chance to change her bet. She tells Wendy that when Jax finds out the truth, Wendy would need to decide which side of the ordeal she wishes to be on.

Wendy asks her if she is going to be the one to make sure she gets more time with her kids. Gemma tells her no, that she will make sure that Jax doesn’t kill her.

Before she leaves, she gives the gun that Gemma had given her for protection back to her. She also puts the drugs on the table and asks Gemma to get rid of that for her as well. Gemma tells her that she is going to have to get rid of that by herself; to prove to her that she can be a good mother.

The Chapel Meeting

After seeing the news on the front page this morning, Jax calls everyone to the table for a meeting.

They discuss the matter of the Irish. Juice tells them that the Kings are keeping Connor stateside to oversee the transition between the club and Clay. Juice tells them that Connor is not a bad guy, and should be on the level once they are ready to make the transition.

Then, the club discusses the headline news. Jax tells them that everyone is going to have to stay in check. The police are going to have them under a microscope, and that the slightest step out of line would get them jammed up.

Jax says that they need to pay a visit to Fiasco and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Headline News

Jax and the club pay a visit to Fiasco and Gomes. Fiasco asks him if there is any news on Nero. Jax tells him no, but then tells him that Nero is what this morning’s headline is all about.

They tell Fiasco that the police are going to be coming down on them for a while. They tell him that it is his job to hold things down until Nero comes back. Chibs tells them that the only way they are going to get through this is if they stay strong; no one breaks, and no one talks.

When the club goes to leave, they notice a man sitting in a light blue car about halfway down the block. Initially, they think is a police tail. As they go to leave, the car comes barreling at them full speed. Unfortunately, Gomes is unable to get out of the way fast enough. He is run over by the car, which never even bothers to slow down, dragging him for a bit before dropping him on the ground. Fiasco is beyond distraught.

Jax makes the call to put Gomes body into a car trunk until they can deal with the body. He tells the club that they need to tack down the driver. Tig points out that this is a rare car, and there won’t be many of them out there.

In the meantime, Patterson calls for a meeting with Barosky. She tells him that they have had to make some changes based on the recent fiscal reconstruction. She tells him that in her request, the port will now be under the jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s Department and that his officers would have to find another way to supplement their income.

Then, she tells him about the hit and run. She tells him that he needs to dig into the situation and find out what really happen. He asks her what would happen if he couldn’t find anything. She tells him that if that happens, the information about the port will change from a ‘heads up’ to a threat.

The first call Barosky makes is to Jax. He tells him that he needs to give him something on the hit and run, or Patterson is going to push in such a way that would upset his entire being.

Jax tells him that he will get on it.

Jax and the club finally track down the blue car. Unfortunately for them, Fiasco and the Byz-Lats have found him as well. Jax tries to keep them calm, but that doesn’t last for long.

The Byz-Lats storm into the house, guns blazing. The man in question comes charging at them from another room, knife in hand. He slices one of the Byz-Lats while charging another. They all start to beat the man down.

When Fiasco puts his gun in the man’s face, Jax intervenes. He explains to him that the cops are on their way and that if he were to do something, there would be evidence everywhere. In the midst of all the chaos, ax sees a picture on the ground. It is of a little boy. Jax realizes that it is one of the children who were killed at the hands of Matthew Jennings. After a little more pushing, Jax gets Fiasco to drop it and leave.

A little later, the police arrive on the scene. When they enter the house, the man is sitting in a chair staring at a photo of his son. The officer’s tell him do drop the knife and stand up. Slowly, the man gets to his feet. It looks as if he is going to comply, but suddenly, he takes the rather large knife and jams it into his throat.

As he falls to the ground, the knife becomes dislodged from his throat and blood sprays out like a fountain.

When Patterson arrives on the scene, she sees the photo of the young child. She knows then and there that this entire situation is on her hands.

The Meeting of the Day

Roosevelt goes to see Patterson and update her on the situation.

He tells her about the incident between Gemma and Tara. She seems surprised, yet not surprised. He also tells Patterson that they have gotten back the DNA from Toric’s hotel room, and that it matches that of Erin Byrne. This means that Toric is the one who killed Erin, not Nero.

He asks her if she wants him to cut Padilla loose. She tells him that Padilla confessed to supplying the gun to Darvany Jenkins. Roosevelt seems to disagree with Patterson’s methods. He stresses to her that once Nero’s attorney looks over the report that she will claim that Nero’s confession was coerced based on a bogus murder charge, and that everything will be thrown out.

Patterson is far from pleased by this.

The Confession

As you already know, earlier in the day, Nero confessed to Patterson that the Sons were not involved with the KG-9 and that he purchased the gun on the street and provided it to Darvany Jenkins for her protection.

Earlier, he told Patterson that in exchange for his confession, he wanted her to guarantee that his son would be kept in one of the top facilities, and that he would be placed somewhere near him so that they could visit.

After finding out about the DNA evidence and the link between the man who murdered Gomes and the school shooter, she puts a folder full of pictures of dead children in front of him; children who died in the school shooting. She tells him that she wants him to think of those pictures every time that he looks at his son.

She tells him that Lee Toric is the one who killed Erin, not him. She tells Nero and the officer that he is free to go.

As the episode winds down, we see Jax and Tara putting the boys to bed. Jax seems to be in a state of deep contemplation.

He asks Tara if she regrets ever coming back. She tells him that there are things that she would have done differently, but Thomas makes everything worth the while.

He asks her what he needs to do to get back in. She tells him that she is not sure. He lays everything out on the line for her, and just as the episode comes to a close, Jax pleads with Tara for her to  let him back in.

I can’t believe that he is falling for all of this. I guess the old saying is true, love really is blind.

Here is a peek at the next episode of Sons of Anarchy.

Make sure to check back with us next week as we take a look at Episode 9 of Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy entitled ‘John 8:32’.

Sons of Anarchy airs on Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. on FX.

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