10 worst and best Halloween candies


Every year you tell yourself you’ll try it, and every year you chicken out.


The main ingredient is chalk, even if it isn’t listed in the ingredients.

The main ingredient is chalk, even if it isn’t listed in the ingredients.


You always take a handful of candy corn when you’re at your friend’s Halloween party, thinking maybe this year you’ll have acquired a taste for it, but candy corn will always taste like what it is: a tiny rubber caution cone.


You couldn’t even trade this sh*t for a single Jolly Rancher when you were a kid.


You can feel your teeth micro-cracking as you chew, and it’s so, so worth it.


Tied for #6 because it’s either your favorite part of Halloween candying, or the bane of your f*cking existence.


You could get a whole pack of Jolly Ranchers for one Butterfinger Mini.


Nothing says Halloween like delicious, gelatinous high fructose corn syrup.


Nothing says “classic” like a good glass of neat bourbon, a jazz record, and a Hershey’s mini.

full-size candy (1)

There was that one neighbor who always gave them out, and that neighbor will always be a damn hero.

Love it or hate it, you love it.

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