Halloween 2013: Five unique horror movies to watch

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For those of us too uncool to know of any fun parties or too lazy to have created a good costume in time for nightfall, Halloween is a night of staying indoors, handing out candy to the neighborhood children, and watching horror movies. I suppose you could technically watch whatever genre of movie you so choose, but not watching a horror flick on Halloween is akin to not spending Thanksgiving gorging yourself on mashed potatoes until you’re too bloated and sedated to keep arguing with Uncle Frank about the evilness of Obama.

Watching horror movies is a sacred Halloween tradition, but as is the case with most traditions — consider Christmas music, BBQing hot dogs on July 4th, and being unbearably depressed and lonely on Valentine’s Day — most people tend to just fall into the same patterns year after year, refusing to vary things up or think outside the box. While there is nothing wrong about another year of watching Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street, there are plenty of other horror movies that deserve your attention on this hallowed eve.

So here, presented in no particular order, are five less-traditional horror* movies you can binge on tonight as you try to find that perfect level of drunkenness that will allow you to tolerate having children knock on your door every ten minutes. These movies aren’t exactly obscure, but they should provide a nice change of pace from the usual terror-fare.

*(You’ll notice I use “horror” fairly broadly. If that offends you, or if you want to split hairs about horror vs. suspense vs. thriller vs. mystery, go somewhere else.)

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