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How will Arkham Origins compare to previous games in the series?


When a developer decides to make a game based off a superhero, there are some risks involved with that. This rings especially true when it’s a superhero that most people like in Batman.

That was a tall task for developer Rocksteady, but they proved to be up for the challenge. The first two games in the series were great with them being well liked among critics.

The best part about them was the narrative of the story and how they made you feel like a real detective in playing the caped crusader.

It also introduced something called a Freeflow combat system. This system allowed Batman to move quickly between enemies and he could chain attacks on enemies that were unconscious.

This was a good way to do the combat rather than just mashing buttons together.

The newest entrant in the series Batman: Arkham Origins was not done by Rocksteady, but by another studio in Warner Bros. Montreal.

They had some lofty expectations to live up to with the other games setting the bar pretty high.

The premise of this game is that it takes place five years before Batman: Arkham Asylum, which was the first game in this series.

This follows a younger and less refined Batman who has a bounty placed on his head by crime lord Black Mask. The bounty draws out eight of the world’s greatest assassins to Gotham City.

The game looks good and the idea of having the story start with a younger Batman is an interesting concept.

They have carried over the great combat from previous games and that’s good to see.

Arkham Origins is probably my least favorite in the series, but at least it gives me a reason to go back into some free-flow combat.

Another good thing about the game was the boss battles.

I will be very interested to see if this same studio does another Batman game for next gen systems or if Rocksteady has a chance to wow us again.

Let me know your thoughts or opinions about the game.






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