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Madden NFL 25: Next Gen Exclusive PS4 Gameplay


The release of next gen consoles is approaching fast with both the PS4 and Xbox One releasing later this month.

There will be plenty plenty of announcements by both companies to entice consumers on why their respective gaming console is the best.

Another thing to expect is the games that will be released on these consoles will have have videos showing off the game play and features.

This is especially true if the game is a launch title.

These titles will be the first games that people can play on the new consoles.

One of the launch titles that is expected to be popular among gamers is Madden NFL 25.

This is the first game by EA Sports that will release on next gen consoles and it will also be the first game to run on their Ignite game engine.

There will be significant improvements from previous Madden titles that include upgraded graphics, better real-time physics, new running controls, and a reactive environment, including a playing field that wears out in high-activity areas.

One good feature of this new engine is that it can track all on-field players simultaneously in order to predict path collisions for more realistic impacts.

The additions that they’ve added are making the game come to life and it should be a treat for fans of the franchise.

The video below highlights some features for next gen consoles with a focus on war in the trenches and pocket formation.

Let me know thoughts or opinions about the game and if you plan to purchase Madden NFL 25 on launch day for either console.



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