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Bellator 106 results: Emanuel Newton defeats King Mo by UD

King Mo and Emanuel Newton will rematch tonight for the Bellator Interim Light Heavyweight championship. King Mo and Emanuel Newton originally faced off at Bellator 90 in the Light Heavyweight tournament semi-final. Newton pulled off the gigantic upset in the most dramatic way possible, via spinning back fist KO. King Mo has since called Newton’s KO lucky and promises a different outcome tonight. Both these men do not like each other, and we will see if that leads to fireworks inside the cage.

Round 1: Herb Dean is the referee for this fight. Newton with a leg kick. There is definitely a feeling out process right now. King Mo closes the distance and is looking for the takedown. He gets it and has Newton pressed up to the fence. Mo lands a nice left hand and Newton is trying to get to his feet. Mo is landing some nice left hands and is overpowering Newton in the clinch. Another takedown from Mo, but Newton is not staying down. King Mo landing a lot of right hands before Newton gets the separation. Newton lands a kick below the belt, but they restart right away. Spinning back fist attempt by Newton is countered by a big double leg takedown by Mo. Newton gets to the fence, but can not get to his feet. Big knee to the chest from Mo. Newton with a nice flurry of his own on the exit. Left jab lands for Newton. King Mo is throwing nothing on the feet. King Mo drops his hands and sticks out his tongue for the last 10 seconds. Not a great round, but definitely 10-9 for King Mo.

Round 2: Nice body kick from Newton. King Mo lands a nice left hand. Step in overhand right from Newton is blocked. Spinning back kick misses for Newton. Body kick lands from Newton. Big overhand right by Newton gets King Mo’s attention. Mo looking for the single leg, and they are up against the cage. Big knee to the body by Mo. Big slam by King Mo to follow up. King Mo goes for side control, but Newton gets up. Newton lands a head kick and hurts King Mo! King Mo is on wobbly legs, and eats a right hook from Newton. Newton is looking for the finish, but Mo lands an uppercut of his own. Spinning back kick misses again by Newton. King Mo looks to have recovered, and another back kick misses by Newton. Short right lands for Newton. King Mo misses a big right hook. Big right hook lands for Newton, and a body kick as well. Newton misses a head kick and the round ends. 10-9 Newton for hurting and almost finishing King Mo.

Round 3: Nice counter right from Mo lands. Newton lands two nice inside leg kicks. Overhand right lands for Newton, and a body kick to follow. King Mo answers with a jab, and another Spinning back kick misses for Newton. Both men exchange on the fence. A nice body punch from King Mo. Again, Newton misses a spinning back kick. Newton lands three inside leg kicks. Body shot from King Mo answered by a right from Newton. King Mo has not gone for the takedown this round. Newton is switching stances every other punch and kick. Spinning back kick lands to Mo’s body. A right hand lands for Newton. King Mo shoots in for the double leg, but Newton is threatening a guillotine. Mo can not finish the takedown and Newton definitely grabbed the fence. Newton misses another spinning back kick. King Mo is not throwing combinations like Newton is. 10-9 Newton for more effective striking.

Round 4: Nice leg kick from Newton to start the round. King Mo is getting tagged by kicks and punches from Newton. King Mo lands an overhand right, but does not follow up. Newton is throwing a lot of kicks. King Mo rushes in with a left and follows it up with a right, but backs off. Newton misses a spinning back fist, and Mo looks for the takedown, but can’t get it. King Mo looks tired, and Newton looks fresh. Mo again looks for the takedown, and gets it on the fence. Newton immediately gets to his feet and Mo is pushing him up against the fence. Newton breaks away and misses a head kick. Another spinning back fist from Newton misses, but he does land an uppercut moments later. King Mo with a nice jab, that is answered by a body kick from Newton. 10-9 for Newton for more effective striking again.

Round 5: Newton opens up the round with more kicks, and is definitely the fresher fighter. Another spinning back kick from Newton, and King Mo answers with a jab. A stinging counter right lands for King Mo. Newton with a huge overhand right that misses. Jab from King Mo. Mo ducks under the spinning back kick and is looking for the takedown. Newton defends well and they are back in the center of the cage. The amount of spinning strikes Newton has thrown this fight has to be a record. King Mo lands a big right hand, but is not following up. Newton with another missed spinning back kick. Nice combination that ends with a head kick from Newton. Newton misses a big overhand right. King Mo looking for the takedown up against the fence, and gets it. Newton immediately back to his feet again. The fight ends with a takedown attempt from Newton and a sprawl from King Mo. 10-9 King Mo, but it was close. I have it for Emanuel Newton by decision.

Official Decision: Emanuel Newton defeats King Mo via Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46)

Emanuel Newton is the interim Light Heavyweight Champion and will face Atila Vegh next.

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