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Victor Hedman scores crazy ricochet goal for Tampa Bay Lightning (Video)

Victor Hedman doesn’t always score goals, but when he does they’re noteworthy and crazy. OK, maybe not always, but in this instance Hedman’s goal is a bit on the odd side. The whole play boils down to the definition of how a broken play can end up in the back of the net, and it appears that everyone involved forgets hot to play hockey for a brief moment.

For starters, we aren’t quite sure what Nate Thompson was trying to do with the puck initially. Was he going for the wrap around? Trying to hit a forward with a pass that may or may not connect?

No one was home though, and the puck slid all the way out to the blue line, where Hedman fetches it. Glancing up and noticing that three or four players stand between him and Justin Peters, he fires the puck way wide, hoping for the bounce to find one of his guys out in front.

In response to the puck getting dumped in behind him, Peters…pushes away from his post, darting a few feet out into his crease. Which doesn’t make any sense. That’s when the goal occurs, as the puck banks in off the goalie and into the net.

A strange sequence on a strange night in the NHL, to be sure.

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