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Ray Emery should be suspended for at least as long as John Scott

Ray Emery should be suspended for his ridiculous antics. His display of “toughness” against Braden Holtby of the Washington Capitals last night has no place in the NHL at all. Had Holtby been a willing combatant and wanted to fight, things would be different. That wasn’t the case though, and Emery proceeded to beat a player in the head that wanted no part of a scrap in the first place.

OK, NHL. You want to posture up and be tough on head injures while getting needless and senseless violence out of the game? Here’s your chance.

How ’bout it? That look like hockey to you?

If any normal person did this during a rec-league game, it’s not unlikely that police would be come involved. It’s a thing called assault. You can’t just walk up to a guy and start whaling on him for no reason whatsoever. When Emery talked about the fight…sorry, beating after the game, he gave the league all the ammo it needed.

Emery had this to say following the contest: “He didn’t want to fight but I said basically protect yourself. He didn’t really have much of a choice.”

If there’s ever been a clear-cut case of suspend-able intent to injure, this is it. Emery’s beating wasn’t a natural extension of the game. The goalies didn’t meet at center ice like usual. Instead, he trapped Holtby in a corner and proceeded to hit him repeatedly in the head.

If this isn’t a 10-game suspension than nothing is.

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