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Robin Lehner sets Ottawa Senators record in loss to New York Islanders

There are some records better left unbroken. Not in the “they’re too holy to even consider touching” kind of way. In more of the “that poor, poor guy” sort of way. That was the case for Robin Lehner last night as the Ottawa Senators somehow managed to lose to the New York Islanders on a night when their goalie made 53 saves in regulation.

That’s a franchise record, albeit not the kind that the goalie likely wanted to set.

It was the third time this season that the Senators have allowed 50 or more shots in a game, and the defensive posture on this squad is comically awful. While they get plenty of points from their blue line, thus far no one has found a way to be an anchor for the Senators on the blue line.

They’ve flushed countless strong goaltending efforts down the tubes with their lack of commitment to the two-way aspects of the game, and don’t have the offensive fire power to try and win 5-4 hockey games every night.

Who does Ottawa think it is? They 2006 Washington Capitals?

Nothing seems to be working for the Senators. They lines were shaken and stirred heading into the contest against the Islanders, yet nothing seemed to click. Again.

The time is coming for drastic changes in Ottawa. We’re talking about stars getting benched, trades being  made and maybe even a change behind the bench.

Whatever is going  on in Ottawa, it’s not working and something has to change quickly, lest this team sink too far out of playoff contention to recover.

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  • Jordan Nelson

    For a team that played so cohesively last season (with Spezza/Michalek/Karlsson/Anderson injured) the Senators are playing garbage hockey right now. Twice last night they surrendered 2-goal leads, to the Islanders at that. Some drastic changes need to happen if they’re going to turn it around. I’m all for dealing Anderson – which would surely bring back a solid return if Bryan Murray plays his cards right. There are so many teams out there looking for an every night netminder. No ill will towards Craig at all, but Lehner is ready to be a #1 goalie.