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Bellator 106 results: Eddie Alvarez regains the belt in epic and controversial battle

The rematch we have all been waiting for is finally upon us! Eddie Alvarez is back in Bellator where he and current Lightweight champion, Michael Chandler will throw down once again. The two faced off back in 2011 at Bellator 58 in one of the greatest fights in MMA history. After an unbelievable back and forth battle, Michael Chandler submitted the champ, Eddie Alvarez, in the 4th round to win the title. Now 2 years later, we will finally witness the rematch. Will Chandler put on another dominant title defense? Will Alvarez shrug off the ring rust and regain his coveted belt? If this fight is half as good as the last fight, we will be in for a treat.

Round 1: Big John McCarthy is the referee for this fight. They quickly exchange punches. Chandler misses on a punch and slips. Eddie with a nice right hand. Chandler is missing. Chandler is definitely coming forward and pushing the pressure. Eddie Alvarez’s movement thus far is fantastic. Alvarez ducking punches and looking for a takedown. Well defended by Chandler. Stiff left jab by Alvarez and a right hand to follow. Chandler misses a bug uppercut and eats a jab. Another two punches miss by Chandler.A big right lands for Chandler. Chandler is throwing heavy leather but it missing. Nice hand from Chandler. Nice step in hook by Chandler. Alvarez catches Mike coming in with an uppercut. Stiff jab from Chandler. Chandler misses a big left. Eddie with a nice jab, but Chandler gets a big takedown and has the back! He has his hand under his neck and Eddie is looking red! Great defense by Alvarez and he is out! Wow that was really close. A slip from Chandler ends the round. 10-9 Chandler for the submission and takedown attempt, but it was close.

Round 2: Alvarez lands a counter right on Chandler. Alvarez misses a head kick. Nice 1-2 by Alvarez. Chandler eats an overhand right and a left hook. Alvarez is circling a lot, moving a lot. Nice jab by Eddie and a body punch. 1-2 lands for Chandler. Jabs from Alvarez. Chandler goes in for a takedown, but is stuffed. Alvarez has a strong jab right now. Big body kick from Chandler followed up by two big slams. Chandler has a big mouse under his eye that is bleeding. Alvarez gets slammed for a third time, but continues to get back up. Eddie is now pressed up against the fence. Eddie lands a nice elbow to the side of the head. Chandler and Alvarez are in a stalemate on the fence. They break away and a nice combination lands for Eddie! Chandler again pushes Eddie up to the fence and gets him down. Chandler is just holding on here, but this round is his. 10-9 Chandler for the takedowns and control.

Round 3: Eddie starts off hot with an uppercut and a head kick. They are swinging and attacking. Chandler’s take down attempt is stuffed and Eddie gets away. Nice jab from Chandler. Chandler’s eye is almost swollen shut. Alvarez stuffs another Chandler takedown. Alvarez with a nice jab. Chandler pushing hard for the takedown, but Alvarez’s defense is great. Two nice body shots from Alvarez. Chandler answers with an uppercut. Chandler again looking for the take down. but can not get it. Alvarez now has Chandler’s back standing. Alvarez looks to be fresher here. Alvarez with a spinning back fist. Chandler’s face is busted up, but he gets a nice slam takedown. One hook in the back for Chandler, but Alvarez stands up. Chandler gets a nice takedown with 25 seconds to go. That round was all Alvarez on the feet, you have to give it to him. 10-9 Alvarez.

Round 4: Doctor comes into the cage before the round to ask Chandler about his cut. Doc says fight on. Round begins with a nice jab from Chandler. Eddie answers with a jab of his own. Eddie is walking down Chandler now, but Chandler lands a beautiful flying knee! Chandler goes for the takedown and somehow, Eddie sprawls. Chandler ultimately gets on top, and Alvarez is now bleeding! Chandler is throwing some heavy ground and pound. Alvarez needs to get up or this fight will be stopped. Chandler is landing huge bombs on Eddie. Alvarez is now bleeding a lot. Chandler traps Eddie’s hand behind his back and lands a few more shots. Chandler with a big elbow. Chandler looking for the arm-triangle choke, but Alvarez defends. More right hands land for Chandler. Alvarez lands a right elbow of his own from the bottom. The round ends with Chandler on top. That was a dominant round by Chandler. 10-9 for the champion.

Round 5: Michael Chandler’s eye is completely swollen shut. Eddie Alvarez comes out guns a blazing a lands a nice right hook. Chandler misses a flying knee and Alvarez is stalking. Chandler’s takedown attempt is stuffed and Alvarez is jabbing him. Chandler lands a nice uppercut and a takedown! Chandler is pulling on a neck crack, but Alvarez is surviving. Alvarez gets up and takes Chandler’s back! What heart by Eddie Alvarez. Crazy scramble by both men, and now they are throwing at each other. Chandler has nothing in his takedowns now. Eddie Alvarez is putting a lot of pressure on Chandler and Chandler is gassed. Alvarez gets his back with both hooks in! Alvarez looking for the choke himself, but Chandler spins out. Alvarez back to another attempt but can not get it again! This is amazing!! 1 minute to go and Alvarez is desperately trying to finish this fight. Chandler squirms out and gets on top of Alvarez! Unbelievable display of heart by both men. Alvarez gets up, but is slammed by Chandler and that will do it. Eddie Alvarez wins that round 10-9, but not the fight.

Official Decision: Eddie Alvarez wins by split decision (48-47, 48-47, 47-48)

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  • Tim Plants II

    One of the best fights I’ve ever seen! So much heart and passion from both guys. I thought the first rd could go either way. Had alvarez winning 3 and 5 and chandler winning 2 and 4. Not upset at all with the decision! Wanna see them go at it one more time! Congrats Eddie Alvarez!!! Your NEW Champ!!!!

    • Alex Schlinsky

      Incredible heart by both men tonight

  • Dick hertz

    Yes Eddie !!! That first round was close enough to be yours 3-2 you win and you didn’t even need a bat. That’s why you should stay humble chandler. What a friggin fight again . In trilogy if Eddie can stay on his horse and jab chandlers eyes shut into championship rounds before chandler can ko Eddie he will win again

    • Alex Schlinsky

      Can not wait for the third fight!

  • wildman

    ANOTHER EPIC fight just like the first — so glad to see Eddie win

    • Alex Schlinsky

      It was awesome! Thanks for reading

  • AmericanWolves02

    That fight was worth wading through the terrible 3 fights proceeding it. Can we already say that Chandler/Alvarez is the best trilogy ever despite the 3rd fight not having happened yet?

    • Alex Schlinsky

      Hmm… I mean Edgar/Maynard is pretty awesome, so not yet!

  • biggdaddy

    there better be a fucken rematch chandler clearly won 1,2,4

    • Alex Schlinsky

      There will absolutely will be a third fight! Do not worry!

  • biggdaddy

    only biased dumbasses think eddie won that fight

    • Alex Schlinsky

      It was definitely close. I need to rewatch the fight. I scored it for Chandler.

    • Dickhurtz

      He out pointed and did more damage but I can understand you calling it chandlers way. It was very close. You are entitled to your opinion for sure but nobody is biased . That is a biased remark. If you are a chandler fan good for you he’s a bad boy and can win at any time. But, so can alvarez

  • Omar Hisenberg

    Alex. Great play by play. That was probably the hardest fight I have ever seen to score those rounds were so close. However upon rewatching the fight, I see it much more clearly in favor of Alvarez by virtue of his crisp punches(many totally ignored by the broadcast team) busted up Chandler badly in the second round. The first is still a toss up. I don’t know if the submission was as close as it seemed without proper position or either hook firmly in, and Eddie had already caused visible damage from his vastly improved jab.

    Glad Eddie won the decision here. This event needed it.

    • Alex Schlinsky

      Thanks alot man! Very much appreciated. Great breakdown of the fight yourself sir. It was a fantastic fight to watch, and I am totally excited for the rubber match!