SNL: Eminem lip-sync performance (Video)


Eminem was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live to give us performances of his singles off of the upcoming album The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which releases on Tuesday, November 5. Eminem was lazy with his performance and lip-synced the entire song, which left plenty of people on social media calling him out.

To add to the social media intrigue, Eminem was joined on stage by hip hop legend Rick Rubin, who was sporting his iconic beard, along with sunglasses and a parka that made him look like a character on Duck Dynasty.

The good news is that Eminem’s lackluster performance won’t keep anyone from buying his album, so he gets a free pass for going out and going through the motions. Still, you would like to see a little more effort on such a public platform.

Regardless, it’s all over now and Eminem can now sit back and watch his record sales soar through the roof.

You can watch Eminem’s performance of Berzerk on Saturday Night Live that left fans underwhelmed:

What do you think of Eminem’s performance? Did he seem like a guy that had no interest being on the show or was he just doing what he does for every performance? Sound off in the comments section below.

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