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Corey Perry gets checked into New York Rangers Bench twice in 10 seconds (GIF)

Corey Perry fancies himself indestructible out on the ice, but Ryan McDonagh put a few notches in his own belt at Perry’s expense on Monday night. With the Anaheim Ducks in town, the New York Rangers defenseman managed to knock Perry into New York’s bench not once, but twice. Check it out.

Perry held down in Rangers bench

While the play looks a lot like a loop, it actually happens twice in a short span of time. Around 10 seconds, give or take a few. The Rangers appear to have words with Perry on both occasions, and it’s likely that he won’t be wandering out that way too often for the foreseeable future.

Twitter erupted in response to the play, and anti-Ducks fans may have a new patron of sorts. McDonagh is a tough customer in his own right, and certainly put Perry in his place on this play.

Of course, Perry extracted his own revenge, only he didn’t know it at the time. He struck for a goal 2:29 seconds into the contest. That’ll show ‘em Perry…that’ll show ‘em.

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  • Centerman

    This team is a good team. They have improved in a big way the last 4-5 games and even last night. They played well for about 50 mins. Which isn’t so bad but against the best in the nhl. Those 10 mins will hurt you and last night was no different. Without Nash in the lineup to allow time & space for his line mates, this NY Ranger team has little chance. Slather not saying anything about Nash doesn’t help the fans anxiety levels either. Do we see him again this year or are they waiting on a small chance he returns soon before shutting him down for the season? The team needs a puck moving defenseman &/or a Kessler/Moulson/Stewart. A guy willing to make a career in front of the net. Callahan will get back to himself in a few games but he’s not a game breaker. The only guy we have like that is out indefinitely. I knew they weren’t beating this team and they won’t beat the Pens (Wed) or CBJ (Thurs). Then all the good feelings from last week are gone. Shame.