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John Clayton posing with Slayer (Photo)

Apr 15, 2013; Bristol, CT, USA; Brittney Griner and Skylar Diggins speak with ESPN

Remember that SportsCenter commercial with John Clayton. The one that showed him filming ESPN segments from his room at his mother’s house in front of a screen. When the segment is over, he peels off this suit like bib he has over his Slayer cut-off shirt. Then he lets his pony tail out and turns up some heavy metal.

Well that might be closer to real life than we thought.

Kim Grinolds of and Sports Washington Magazine posted a photo of ESPN NFL Analyst John Clayton at a Slayer concert. He was rocking out back stage in what appears to be the same Slayer shirt from the commercial. In the photo he is posing with a couple of the band members.

Unfortunately you can’t see his hair in this picture but it is still awesome. Some how though he still manages to nerd it up with the belt clip for his phone, but hey you get what you get. Slayer must be ESPN and Clayton fans as well to be hanging out backstage with him.

Still, it is an awesome photo.

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