Northwestern to wear red, white and blue Under Armour Wounded Warrior uniforms on Nov. 16 (Photo)

When the Northwestern Wildcats take on the Michigan Wolverines on November 16, they will be dropping the traditional white and purple look to rock some special red, white and blue uniforms from Under Armour.

The uniforms will be the “Wounded Warrior” unis to honor our troops.

How do the new unis look?

Here are some looks at the Wounded Warrior uniforms that Northwestern will wear on November 16 vs. Michigan, via ESPN’s Darren Rovell:



What are your thoughts on the new look? Sound off in the comments section below and share your thoughts.

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  • George Stanton

    While I am totally against using images (or other) of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA flag, I commend Under Armour and Northwestern University for their efforts. I think they could have honored our Wounded Warriors without desecrated the flag and freedoms they and other veterans fought for.

    • Daniel Morgan


      As a veteran and current service member who visits wouned warriors regularly. That is not a desecrated flag. It is their way of honoring wounded warriors who obviously to get wounded and give nutsacks like you the freedom to criticize did have to shed blood so the uniforms are even more realistic than either Northwestern or Under Armour could have envisioned. I salute them both for efforts at awareness and raising funds.

      • George Stanton

        Mr Morgan, I too am a veteran tho somewhat incapacitated, I do my best for and to our current and past veterans. I made a bad choice of using the word desecrated in my post. My point was that our flag should be flown tho I respect the rights of others to display our flag. I am by no means a nutsack as you stated as our flag is my most treasured symbol of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.