Richie Incognito shot code of conduct video for Dolphins

Richie Incognito, the man who is accused of bullying and harassing Miami Dolphins teammate Jonathan Martin until he left the team, apparently shot a code of conduct video for the team to let fans know how to act and handle themselves.

Apparently he didn’t receive the message.

During the video Incognito says, “Hi. I’m Richie Incognito. On the field, players have called me overly aggressive. While off the field…. I’m quite civilized. Please be respectful and civilized…”

Oh, okay then.

This is coming from the guy who reportedly called Jonathan Martin a “half n—-r”, threatened to hunt down his family and defecate in his teammate’s mouth. That is class.

If we were ever to take advice on how to handle ourselves, it would likely be from anyone not named Richie Incognito.

Of course, at this point these are all just allegations against Incognito, but the evidence is apparently pretty damning. At least damning enough that the Dolphins decided to suspend the offensive guard indefinitely.

You have to check out this video to believe it:

[H/T: Broward Palm Beach New Times]

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