Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison as Lt. Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane in Episode 6 of 'Sleepy Hollow'. Photo Credit: Fox

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Releases an Extended Preview of ‘The Sin Eater’ (Video)

Following the long break fans of Sleepy Hollow had to endure at the hands of the MLB World Series, the people at Fox have offered up an extended preview of tonight’s all-new episode of Sleepy Hollow entitled ‘The Sin Eater’.

In the beginning of the episode, we find Lt. Mills and Ichabod Crane at a local ballpark taking in a baseball game.

When Abbie begins to yell at the umpire for a call he has made, Ichabod asks her why she is yelling at him for inciting a rule infraction.

She tells him that baseball is about three things; the first of which is tradition. She explains that no matter what is going on in the world, the rules of baseball never change. You can count on the grass being green, and the lines being white, so that no matter how crazy the world gets, you can always feel safe like everything is ok. Secondly, it is about teamwork. She explains how the players have to have faith in each other and watch each other’s backs. Thirdly, baseball doesn’t discriminate. You can be black, white, Hispanic, short, tall, and it doesn’t matter. She mentions that this is what they were fighting for all along, the American Dream.

Soon after, Ichabod takes a page from Abbie’s book and begins to yell at the umpire as well.

After the game, the two of them part ways. Abbie offers him a ride home, but he tells her that he would rather exercise his freedom with a stroll and some fresh air.

On his way home, he stops at his wife Katrina’s grave.

The grave of Katrina Crane in Episode 6 of 'Sleepy Hollow'. Photo Credit: Fox

The grave of Katrina Crane in Episode 6 of ‘Sleepy Hollow’.
Photo Credit: Fox

He wipes some debris from her headstone, and gently sits down next to her, staring at her aged headstone. Suddenly, he hears a noise in the distance; something that sounds like a branch breaking under the weight of someone’s footsteps. He starts to look around, but before he can make a move, he is shot in the neck with some sort of tranquilizer dart. As he begins to lose consciousness, he is rushed by two men who place a hood over his head. Where could they be taking Crane? Furthermore, who are they, and what do they want with Crane?

Katia Winter and Nicole Beharie as Katrina Crane and Lt. Abbie Mills in Episode 6 of 'Sleepy Hollow'. Photo Credit: Fox

Katia Winter and Nicole Beharie as Katrina Crane and Lt. Abbie Mills in Episode 6 of ‘Sleepy Hollow’.
Photo Credit: Fox

Later, while Abbie is driving home, she is suddenly transported into a dream state. Ichabod’s wife Katrina comes to her in a vision, explaining to her that the Horseman is set to return at sundown. She tells Abbie that the only ones who can stop this are the two witnesses; however, it would seem that Ichabod has been kidnapped.

She has little details about where he is or who his captors are, as they have marked his surroundings with a protective shield.

They determined that the kidnapping has something to do with his blood tie to the Headless Horseman. Katrina tells Abbie that the only way to sever the blood tie with the Horseman is to find the Sin Eater.

Unsure of what to do, or anything about the situation for that matter, Abbie is cast out of the dream by the forces that be. When she reemerges in the real world, she is still behind the wheel of her vehicle, and almost crashes head on into a semi. Thankfully, Abbie seemed unharmed.

However, the fact remains…if she cannot locate Ichabod and track down the Sin Eater by nightfall, all will be lost in Sleepy Hollow.

Here is a look at the first eight minutes of tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow entitled ‘The Sin Eater’.

Make sure to tune in tonight to find out what happens to Ichabod as Abbie sets out to find him and break the blood tie between him and the Headless Horseman.

Also, check back with us here at FanSided for a recap of tonight’s episode, and all the latest news on Sleepy Hollow.

Sleepy Hollow airs on Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. on Fox.

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