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‘WWE Monday Night Raw’ Preview – November 4, 2013

Things have been spiraling out of control in the WWE ever since the The Authority has taken hold of the WWE. Over the last few weeks, and especially since the WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, things have been escalating to brand new levels. Here is a look at tonight’s all-new episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

As I said, things have been insane since the Authority has taken control. Last week, things got even more interesting when Kane, who has just defeated the Miz in a match, called Stephanie McMahon out to the ring to give her a piece of his mind. Only…it wasn’t what everyone thought it was going to be.

He tells her that she and Triple H had used and manipulated people, and they have destroyed people’s lives, but…and this is a big but, he says that it was indeed what was best for business. Wait…what?

Yes…Kane told Stephanie McMahon that the monster was hers to unleash. He walked down the aisle and when he reached the top, he removed his mask, handed it to Stephanie, and walked backstage. At first, she was shocked, but then she held his mask high in victory.

What will the Authority do with their new found weapon?

Also, tension continues to mount within the Shield. Dean Ambrose loves to remind people that he is the only member of the Shield who currently holds a title. This can’t possibly sit well with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Could the Shield be coming apart at the seams?

The Wyatt Family has been on a rampage lately. They have been attacking anyone and everyone who they think has committed some sort of sin. Bray Wyatt always proclaims that “the devil” made him do it. Who will “the devil” send him after next?

One of the biggest questions of the night is ‘Who will be the next person to challenge John Cena?’

Ever since winning the title from Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell, Cena has been met with opposition. On Raw, he was attacked by Damien Sandow, who then cashed in his Money in the Bank Briefcase in an attempt to snatch the title away from Cena.

After that attempt failed, Cena was bombarded by the Real Americans on Smackdown. He  then teamed up with Cody Rhodes and Goldust to take on Sandow and the Real Americans.

Cena obviously came back a lot sooner than expected, but he has faced all comers head on. Who will be the next in line? We’ll all just have to watch WWE Monday Night Raw tonight to find out.

WWE Monday Night Raw airs on Monday nights on the USA Network.

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