Eminem, MMLP2: Slim Shady’s best 15 songs of all-time

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Today marks the day of the release of Eminem’s latest album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. The anticipation for the new album was at an all-time high, so with the record now on the shelves people are picking up their copies and giving a listen to all of the new tracks.

The album has been met with mixed reviews, but overall the reception has been positive.

With another slate of songs to stack up against Eminem’s previous impressive work, it is time to examine if any of the songs from the album can land among the best songs that Eminem has ever released.

Do any make the cut?

Here is a look at the top 15 songs from Eminem’s library:

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  • Robby Mason


  • Dave

    That’s not a bad list. There are some I’d add to it, not many I’d remove.

  • Brandon

    “Stan” is the best rap song ever written… hands down… It’s closest competition is the song “Lose Yourself” So, those are 1 and 2

  • Les Moore

    Actually surprised by this list usually people post only his commercial radio singles but this list is not bad but id add a few for sure n don’t think u could take any out there all GREAT, what about top 5 albums in order tho?