Eminem MMLP2: Stream Marshall Mathers LP 2 album samples (Audio)

via ShadyRecords.com

via ShadyRecords.com

Eminem’s long-awaited album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, was released today. The album had leaked prior to Tuesday’s release date but it didn’t seem to hurt the hype or interest surrounding it. The album contains 16 tracks, but there are an additional five tracks on the deluxe edition.

Prior to the release we had heard four songs from the albums that were released by singles. While those tracks are some of the best on the album, they might not be the best songs on Marshall Mathers LP 2. In the 15th track, titled “Headlights,” Eminem comes full circle and talks about his relationship with his mother. He apologizes and tells his mother that she is beautiful and that he loves her. He goes on to say that his father leaving should’ve brought them together instead of driving them apart.

There are some sample heavy tracks on Marshall Mathers LP 2, but they’re done well. The song with Kendrick Lamar titled “Love Game” is one of them. It is an upbeat fun track. While there are a lot of upbeat tracks on this, there are some more Slim Shady like tracks for instance the songs “Evil Twin” and “Wicked Ways.”

If you haven’t heard the album, or are deciding wether to buy it on iTunes, you can listen to samples of every track below. The audio stream is from the folks at Leak Jones:

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