Clark Gregg. Ming-Na Wen, and Elizabeth Henstridge as Agent Phil Coulson, Agent Melinda May, and Jemma Simmons in Episode 6 of 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. entitled 'F.Z.Z.T.' Photo Credit: ABC/Ron Tom

‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Episode 6 Recap ‘F.Z.Z.T.’

After being on hiatus last week, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returned tonight will an all-new episode. Tonight, the S.H.I.E.L.D. team is going to have to go up against something that no one, not even the S.H.I.E.L.D. team is safe from. Sit back and relax as we take a closer look at tonight’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. entitled ‘F.Z.Z.T.’

The Strange Humming Sound in the Woods

We find ourselves with a group of campers sitting around a campfire. The leader, Mr. Cross, is setting plates on the table for dinner. The older boy is telling the younger ones a good ghost story.

After Mr. Cross makes a fairly lame attempt to scare the kids, he starts to hear a buzzing noise coming from within the woods. So, he tells the children to stay there and he goes to investigate.

The kids begin to get legitimately scared, so the older boy attempts to distract the younger boys by making smores with them. Unfortunately, before they can really kick into high gear, one of the younger boys sees a cup floating in the air next to the older boy’s head. Suddenly, it zaps with electricity and falls to the ground.

Terrified, the kids run to their truck. Just when they start to think they are safe, the truck is struck by a large electrical charge that sends the vehicle’s battery flying through the airs and landing feet away from the truck.

When the boys go to look for Mr. Cross, they find him floating in midair with electricity flowing through his body.

Somehow, I just don’t think that is how they were expecting to find him.

Fit As A Fiddle

I think we may be finding out a little bit more about Agent Coulson sooner than we expected. We we first catch up with Agent Coulson tonight, he is being administered his physical by Simmons. While he is running on a treadmill, she is running down all of his vitals, which seem to be normal.

All that is left now is the blood test. Hmm…interesting. It has been alluded to all season that there is something quite different about Agent Coulson following his run in during the Battle of New York; something even Coulson isn’t fully aware of. The question is…is it something that a blood test would reveal?

Earning Trust

Ever since the incident where Skye essentially betrayed S.H.I.E.L.D. by filtering information to her boyfriend Miles, the team has had a difficult time trusting her; especially Ward. It would seem that as her superior officer, he feels let down by the betrayal of his trust.

They even went as far as to put a tag on her.

When Coulson mentions to him that he has been really hard on her lately, Ward tells him that she is going to have to earn his trust back.

The Campsite Investigation

When the S.H.I.E.L.D. team heads out to the campsite to investigate the death of Adam Cross, the leader of the campers in the woods, they find him exactly the way the kids found him; suspended in midair.

They are referring to what happened to him as an electrostatic anomaly. The difference is, this anomaly has a side effect that they have never seen before.

May notices that the battery on the truck blew straight through the hood and landed a distance away. Ward deduces that there had to have been a rather large force to cause that.

Even on the path from the truck to the location where they located Mr. Cross, there are scorch marks all over the trees. Normally, this would indicate your random run-of-the-mill lightning storm; however, lightning storms don’t leave people suspended in midair.

Skye asks if this could be the work of someone in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s index, but May says that there is no one in the index with that kind of power.

Coulson is sending the information Agent Blake at S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ and have him check everything out.

Fitzsimmons notice the wound on Mr. Cross’ forehead. When Simmons leans in to take a closer look at it, there is a quick zapping sound, and Mr. Cross falls straight to the floor.

Well, that was freaky.

The Breakdown

As part of the investigation, Skye tells Agents Ward and Coulson everything that she has found out about Adam Cross. Cross is single with no children. He is a physical education teacher at the local high school, varsity baseball coach, troop leader, and volunteer firefighter. As Skye puts it,

“This guy makes Captain America look like The Dude.”

His record is completely clean, not even as much as a parking ticket. Ward tells her that everyone looks clean on the first pass. Coulson says that they must be missing something, and tells Skye to dig deeper.

May interrogated the older camper, but she tells Coulson that he is completely clean.

Neutralizing the Spread

Coulson visits Simmons to get an update on her research. She tells him that she has been analyzing his brain scans.

It would seem that Fitz has a thing about dead things in the lab. While Mr. Cross’ body is in the lab, Fitz refuses to come in. He says it is because of the smell.

I swear to you, sometimes Fitzsimmons fight like an old married couple.

Once they get back on track, Simmons shows Coulson the scan of the victim’s brain. According to Coulson, it look like a burnt baked potato. Simmons tell him that is because 2,000 mega joules of electrostatic energy. This is almost double that of a lightning strike.

She still cannot determine why the body was floating in the air. She says that its molecular structure was temporarily altered by an unknown energy source.

While she is explaining her plan of action to Coulson, and now Agent May, Fitz tells them that the satellite is picking up another electrostatic transmission about 20 km from where they are.

The Farm House

The team ultimately traces the signal to an old farmhouse. Coulson tells Skye to find out everything she can about the owner of the farmhouse.

Suddenly, the pulse flashes and disappears. The team knows they have to kick things into high gear now.

They find a barn with a tractor parked outside. The door is barred from the inside. Once inside the barn, they find another man floating in the air in the same manner as Mr. Cross. May heads up the stairs to get a better look at the victim. She notes that he was scared and trying to protect himself. The question is, from whom?

Skye comes over the radio and tells Coulson that there is something that he may want to know before they go any further. The man in the barn is named Frank Whalen. Whalen served at the same fire station as Adam Cross. Both Whalen and Cross were responders when the aliens attacked New York.

Two victims in the same fire house, this isn’t random. They are looking for a killer.

They send in the flying drones to examine the body. As soon as they get close enough, the body zaps and falls to the ground, taking the drone with it.

Simmons notices that there must be some connection in the wounds found on the body.

Skye informs them that the station house send an engine full of first responders when the New York when the Chitauri invaded, including Whalen and Cross.

They are operating under the assumption that an alien weapon may be in play here.

Now, they have to get to the firefighters before anyone else gets hurt.

Back At the Lab

Back at the lab, Simmons is investigating the wounds to the head. She determined that they are not any form of external damage, but exit wounds.

While Fitzsimmons argues over the possible cause of the damage, Skye picks up another reading. This one is coming from the Firehouse.

The Firehouse

Coulson introduced himself to the firefighters and tells them that he would like to ask them some questions.

He tells them of Whalen’s death. A firefighter by the name of Tony Diaz is acting rather strangely while Coulson is questioning one of the other firefighters.

Coulson tells the team to cover the back door, and that no one comes in or out.

Coulson follows Diaz into the other room. When Coulson finally catches up to him, Diaz turns around and asks Coulson if he hears the humming noise.

Agent Coulson asks him if he was on the ground with the other responders during the Chitauri invasion. Diaz all but ignores him, asking him once again if he can hear the noise.

While Coulson is trying to assess the situation, he sees a pan floating in midair by Diaz’s head. Coulson draws his weapon and orders Diaz to stop doing whatever it is that he is doing. He asks him where the weapon is.

At the same time, May finds a Chitauri helmet. She uses her phone to send video of it to Fitzsimmons back in the lab.

Diaz claims that the helmet is nothing more than a souvenir. The first time he touched it in a long time was just a few nights ago. He claims it had rust on it. She determines that it is not a weapon, and that he is infected. She determined that the helmet was the source of an alien virus. Diaz, along with the two victims were the ones cleaning the helmet.

Simmons is charting his electrostatic activity. She says that he is at 600 mega joules and climbing. Coulson orders everyone out of the fire house. He closes the door behind him, and sits down at the table with Diaz.

Coulson sits down with him and tells him that he has been where he is, and assures him that he doesn’t have to be afraid. He tells Diaz that he died once. He says that people tell him that he was only gone for 8 seconds, but he knows that he was gone longer than that. He tells him that he was in heaven. When Diaz asks him what it is like, he tells him that it is beautiful.

Just then, Diaz starts to cackle with electricity. Diaz tells Coulson that he needs to get going. At this point, both of them are beginning to get choked up.

Just as Coulson gets out of the firehouse and rejoins the team, the big jolt happens, and Diaz is gone.

Getting Out Alive

When they get ready to leave the firehouse, Fitz is scanning everyone to make sure that there is no trace of electrostatic energy in any of them. They all come back clean.

Simmons tells Skye that the firefighters will be quarantined and observed at a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility.

Coulson tells Simmons that if she is correct, and that this is indeed a virus, then the other firefighter may need a cure. He charges her with finding one.

The Flight Back

The S.H.I.E.L.D. team now has to ride with this alien artifact on board with them, as they are responsible for getting it to a safe place. As Coulson says, this is going to be a long 4 hours and 26 minutes.

May is concerned about Coulson and asks him if there is anything he needs to tell her about his physical. He tells her that everything is fine. Before they can get too deep into conversation, Simmons comes on the radio and tells him that there is something he needs to see.

Simmons shows Coulson a close up of the victim’s blood. There is an electrical synapse between two cells. She tells him that this is a groundbreaking discovery and that when the firefighters were cleaning the helmet, the friction activated some long decaying Chitauri organism. She tells him that this is the last vestiges of the infection.

They are dealing with a propagating virus, which means that the virus can move from person to person. Just then, a piece of equipment off of the table begins to float in the air behind Simmons. Oh no, does this mean?

As she continues to explain, Coulson turns and walks out of the lab. He turns and looks at her solemnly. When she asks him what’s wrong he simply says,

I’m so sorry, Jemma.” locking the lab door behind him.

Just then, she notices what has happened.

On the other side of the door, Fitz continues to work on a project as Simmons ponders over what is going to happen next. Fitz is trying to hide it, but he is really broken up inside about what is happening to his best friend.

Coulson tells the team that Simmons believes that she contracted the virus approximately 36 hour ago when she received an electrostatic shock from the victim. Coulson believes that Simmons may have 2 hours at most.

May tells Coulson that it would be a minimum of three hours before she can have them on the ground. The path to the Sandbox has them right in the middle of the Atlantic. Coulson says that if they can’t land the plane before all of this occurs; Simmons will let off a charge that will blow the plane out of the sky.

Coulson says that he is confident that she will find a cure for the virus before it is too late.

Working Against the Clock

Fitzsimmons is now working tirelessly to figure this thing out before it is too late. She attempts to test something on one of the rats in the lab, but let’s just say that things didn’t play out the way that she hoped.

Ward is watching what is going on in the lab from the meeting room. Skye comes in and tries to make conversation with him, but he blows her off. Just as she turns to leave the room, he tells her that she can stay.

Ward and Skye are both feeling pretty helpless about this whole situation. He wishes that it was some super-powered psychopath, someone who he could pummel and hurt.

What I can’t do is protect you guys from something that I can’t even see, or understand.” He says.

All they can do now is wait, and get ready for whatever it is that they are called upon to do.

Coulson finally hears back from Blake. He tells Coulson that this is nothing that they have ever seen before. He tells him that it is imperative that they get this to the sandbox without incident.

Agent Blake says that he has been ordered to inform him that if he has infected cargo, that he needs to dump it. Certainly, he is not talking about Simmons. Simmons is a person, and not “cargo”.

Coulson tells Blake that they must have a bad connection, and that he didn’t get that last part. Coulson hits a few buttons on the control panel, and the interface fizzles out.

The more that Simmons tries to find the cure, the more things that she finds floating in the lab. They are starting to run out of time.

The two of them can’t seem to stop arguing. Maybe this entire ordeal is helping them to realize how they really feel about each other.

Finally, the two of them stop arguing for long enough to start working together. They realize that without the Chitauri being here, that they have no one to create an anti-serum from. However, they think about it a little harder, and determine that the solution may just be in the helmet.

Suddenly, Fitz races off to retrieve the helmet from the interrogation room. Running down the hall with the container in his hand, he passes May and Coulson who try to stop him.

He opens the door and joins Simmons in the lab, knowing that this means he will be infected as well. I knew he loved her.

She tells him that she doesn’t know what he’s doing. He interrupts her and says,

I’m doing what we always do. We’re going to fix this…together.”

He sets the helmet on the table, and they swab the inside for any antibodies that may be in there.

The entire team is outside the lab, frantic at whether or not they are going to be able to find a solution in time.

Finally, they think they have a solution. Once the machine stops spinning, they open the lid; the vial flies out of the machine and for a moment floats in the air before it comes crashing down. Thankfully, Fitz is able to catch it.

He is sure that they have gotten it right this time.

Third time’s the charm.” He says as he loads the vial into the apparatus.

Fitz grabs another one of the rats and zaps it with the apparatus. This time, the rat takes a little longer, but it still overloads.

Simmons is resigned that she is going to die. She tells Agent Coulson that she is aware of the protocols in these situations, and just asks that he tell her father first. She feels that her mother will take it better if she hears it from him. Coulson tries to tell her that there is still time, but she has made up her mind.

She asks the team if she can have a moment alone with Fitz.

Saying Goodbye

Everyone leaves to give them some privacy. Fitz is still trying to work to find an answer to this. For some reason, Simmons comes up behind him and hits him over the head. Instantly, he falls to the ground.

Meanwhile, May tells Coulson that Agent Blake is on the line and wants to know what is going on. She tells him that if he is not available, Blake has asked for Ward.

Suddenly, an alarm starts to go off. May realizes that someone is opening the cargo hold. She couldn’t possibly…

When he wakes up on the floor, he slowly gets to his feet. Once he is on his knees he realizes that the rat is still alive, and that the pulse just knocked the rat unconscious.

Fitz sees her standing at an open cargo bay door. She has locked him in the lab so that he cannot stop her. He is screaming her name, but she cannot hear him over the sound of the wind racing by.

She turns to look at him one last time, and then she flies out the cargo door. Holy…did that just happen?

In a panic, Fitz grabs another dose of the anti-serum, loads it into the apparatus, somehow gets out of the lab, and dives for a parachute.

Just before Fitz can get to the edge, Ward grabs the parachute and the anti-serum, doesn’t even bother to fasten the parachute, and dives head first out of the plane.

While falling, he manages to get his parachute fastened. Now, he sets his sights on Jemma.

Finally, Ward reaches her. He takes her in his arms and zaps her with the anti-serum. Now they have this little thing called gravity to deal with.

As they float down to the ground, the energy disperses. I guess this isn’t goodbye after all. I can’t lie to you; I got choked up there for a minute.

Hello Again

Apparently, Ward and Simmons made it to the ground ok, as they are now in Coulson’s office.

He is clearly flustered. He tells her how happy he is that she is alive, but tells asks her if she realizes what a pain it is to deal with the Moroccan office. Apparently, extracting them from the water was quite the ordeal. He tells her that this was not her call, and that she better never pull a stunt like that ever again.

Calmer now, he tells her that he would hate to lose her.

Ward and Simmons leave his office. Coulson is still visibly flustered.

On the way down the stairs, Ward tells Simmons that he thinks what she did was incredibly brave. Her and her guilty conscience tells him that earlier when she handed him a gun back that it was still an ounce heavier, and that she had lied to him. He tells her that he already knew. He then imitates the bad impression that the Fitzsimmons always do behind Ward’s back.

She tells him that he’s doing it all wrong, and that it’s supposed to be slightly more nasally.

Just then, Skye walks in. She marches right up to Simmons and gives her a hug.

Back in Coulson’s office, we see him pining over a file. May walks in and asks him how Simmons is. The two talk briefly before she asks him if that is a medical file on his desk. He tells her that the blood work came back and that he is perfectly normal.

He tells May that his doctors never requested any tests, and that he ordered them himself. He says that the piece of paper is telling him that he is perfectly fine, but he surely doesn’t feel fine. He says that he feels different.

May tells him to take off his shirt.

She reveals the place where his rather large scar is. She tells him that whether it was 8 seconds or 40 seconds, he still died. She tells him that there is no way he can come out of a trauma like that and not come out changed.

May says that the point of these things is to remind them that there is no going back, there is only moving forward. She tells him that he feels different because he is different.

Elsewhere, we see Fitzsimmons talking. Fitz is telling Simmons  that he was prepared to jump, but Ward just took off. She tells him that it wasn’t Ward standing by her side in that lab, and that he is the hero here. She gives him a kiss on the cheek before she walks away.

Awww…do we have a romance building here?

Finally, the S.H.I.E.L.D. team reaches the Sandbox. They are met by Agent Blake. He tells Coulson that a “bad connection” was not a very good excuse. He tells him that he doesn’t know if what happened to him in New York is true, or if that is just something they tell you when you hit Level 7, but that does not give him the right to disobey a direct order. Blake tells him that if he pulls another stunt like that, someone may try to take his dream team away from him.

I’d like to see them try.” Coulson says. :That doesn’t sound like the Phil Coulson I know.” Blake replies. “No, I suppose it doesn’t. Get used to it.” Coulson says.

Blake turns and walks off of the plane.

This week was definitely a nail biter. The team was put in a little more danger than usual, if that is even possible. We almost lost someone tonight, we got to see Ward go all James Bond, and we got to see the members of the team really open up to each other about things they have been hiding away for some time.

All in all, I think tonight was an amazing episode.

Make sure to check back with us next week as we take a look at Episode 7 of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. entitled ‘The Hub.’

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.

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