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Miami Dolphins bullying gets Taiwanese animation treatment (Video)

Anytime something news worthy happens in sports, the good folks at TomoNews and Next Media Animation are there to capture it in all it’s animated glory.

That includes the Miami Dolphins hazing/bullying incident centered around Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin, which NMA put their own, wonderful spin on recently.

The video starts with Incognito (in full football gear, I might add) putting a bomb with the letter ‘N’ on it through a phone, which is then followed by Martin appearing on a playground where a handful of fellow Miami Dolphins teammates play on a children’s slide (my favorite part) before big bully Incognito appears, shadowing Martin.

The animation continues on as Incognito is seen going through an ATM machine (possibly a shot at the rumors of Incognito taking the credit card of Ryan Tannehill?) before a player (Martin?) is punted away by the nose of a dolphin. The video closes with the front office playing a casino game, because, why not.

And yes, it’s just as insanely awesome as it sounds.

Check out the video below:

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