NHL Power Rankings Week 6: Top-10 sees big shakeup as three new teams debut

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\ Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL season is more than a month old now, and the wait is over to see which teams are for real and which are pretending. Pundits have been waiting for “overachieving” teams like the Colorado Avalanche and Calgary Flames to come back down to earth, only to be left holding their preseason predictions in their hands, cold and dead.

Meanwhile, squads that were supposed to be contenders continue to under-perform. The Washington Capitals and New York Rangers are prime examples of this.

Sadly, the competition to be the worst team in the NHL appears tighter than ever before. We agonized over the rankings for the bottom-third of the league, while the top 1o fell into place rather nicely.

Keep in mind as you read these rankings that no team can more up or down more than five spots on a weekly basis. This prevents us from knee-jerking a team to a perch that’s too lofty or a doldrums that’s too low.

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