Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison as Lt. Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane in Episode 6 of 'Sleepy Hollow'. Photo Credit: Fox

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Episode 6 Recap ‘The Sin Eater’

Sleepy Hollow is one of the reasons I enjoy Monday night so very much. After a three-week hiatus thanks to the MLB World Series, Sleepy Hollow is back tonight with an all-new episode entitled ‘The Sin Eater’. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as we recap tonight’s episode for you.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

When we catch up with Abbie and Ichabod, she has taken Ichabod to a local baseball game.

When Abbie begins to yell at the umpire for a call he has made, Ichabod asks her why she is yelling at him for inciting a rule infraction.

She tells him that baseball is about three things, the first of which is tradition. No matter what is going on in the world, the rules never change. You can always count on the grass to be green and the lines will be white. It provides a sense of safety. Secondly, it’s about teamwork. The players have to have faith in each other and watch each other’s backs. Thirdly, baseball doesn’t discriminate; black, white, Hispanic, everyone is the same out on the ball field.

She explains to him that baseball is indeed the American dream. He likens it to the spirit of democracy.

Soon after, Ichabod takes a page out of Abbie’s book and begins to yell at the umpire himself. Maybe next time he can wait for the umpire to actually make a call first.

After the game, the two of them part ways. She offers to take him home; however, he tells her that he would rather exercise his freedom with a stroll and some fresh air.

The Exercise of Freedom

On his way home from the ball park, he makes a stop at his wife Katrina’s grave site.

He wipes some debris from her headstone, and gently sits down next to her, staring at her aged headstone. Suddenly, he hears a noise in the distance; something that sounds like a branch breaking under the weight of someone’s footsteps. He starts to look around, but before he can make a move, he is shot in the neck with some sort of tranquilizer dart. As he begins to lose consciousness, he is rushed by two men who place a hood over his head.

Where could they be taking Crane? Furthermore, who are they, and what do they want with Crane?

Katia Winter and Nicole Beharie as Katrina Crane and Lt. Abbie Mills in Episode 6 of 'Sleepy Hollow'. Photo Credit: Fox

Katia Winter and Nicole Beharie as Katrina Crane and Lt. Abbie Mills in Episode 6 of ‘Sleepy Hollow’.
Photo Credit: Fox

The Mysterious Vision

Later, while Abbie is driving home, she is suddenly transported into a dream state.

In the mysterious home, she comes face to face once again with the Headless Horseman. As she runs through the house in an attempt to escape the Horseman, she comes upon a large room. She sees a coven of witches chanting some sort of spell. She turns to see the pages to a book turning on their own.

Ichabod’s wife Katrina comes to her in the vision, explaining to her that the Horseman is set to return at sundown. She tells Abbie that the only ones who can stop this are the two witnesses; however, it would seem that Ichabod has been kidnapped.

She has little details about where he is or who his captors are, as they have marked his surroundings with a protective shield.

They determined that the kidnapping has something to do with his blood tie to the Headless Horseman. Katrina tells Abbie that the only way to sever the blood tie with the Horseman is to find the Sin Eater. Unsure of what to do, or anything about the situation for that matter, Abbie is cast out of the dream by the forces that be. When she reemerges in the real world, she is still behind the wheel of her vehicle, and almost crashes head on into a semi. Thankfully, Abbie seemed unharmed.

However, the fact remains…if she cannot locate Ichabod and track down the Sin Eater by nightfall, all will be lost in Sleepy Hollow.

Story Time

In what could possibly be enough information to have Abigail committed Abbie sits down with Captain Irving and begins to explain the situation, in surprisingly full detail.

She covers the fact that Katrina came to her in a dream, and informed her that the Headless Horseman would be returning by nightfall, and that they only way to stop him was to find Crane.

She explained to him that Katrina was some form of witch, and that there is a blood tie between Crane and the Horseman. In other words, there is no way to harm the Horseman without harming Crane as well.

Abbie tells him that the only way to sever the two is to locate something known as the Sin Eater.

Irving is very skeptical of this entire thing, to say the very least. Even so, he asks her what she needs to get the job done.

She tells him that she needs to see her sister Jenny.

The Crazy One

Abbie goes to see Jenny in the mental facility. Abbie tells Jenny that she needs her help, that Crane is in trouble, and she has gotten her a 24 hour furlough.

Jenny is quite resistant at first.

You’re a cop, go investigate.” Jenny says.

Abbie asks her if she has ever heard of the term “Sin Eater”.

All of a sudden, Jenny is a little more amiable to her request. She tells Abbie that they need to move fast.

Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane in Episode 6 of 'Sleepy Hollow' entitled 'The Sin Eater'. Photo Credit: Fox

Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane in Episode 6 of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ entitled ‘The Sin Eater’.
Photo Credit: Fox

The Sudden Seizure

Still under the effects of the tranquilizer, Crane is very groggy when he awakens. He finds himself in a very old building with candles all around.

He finds himself sitting at a table. Suddenly, he is joined by a man who has two guards standing behind him on each side. The man in front of him is Mr. Rutledge; a descendant of Edward Rutledge, the youngest signatory of the Declaration of Independence.

He apologizes for the less than civil nature in which Ichabod was acquired. He tells Ichabod that the effects of the tranquilizer should be almost gone by now.

Just from looking around the room, Crane is able to deduce everything he needs to know about the situation. He has determined who his captor is, the captor’s past, and that he is a practitioner of Freemasonry. I don’t know about you, but Ichabod Crane is starting to remind me a lot of a young version of Sherlock Holmes.

Rutledge tells him that Crane will live or die based on the truth of his identity. Crane assures him that he is the real Ichabod Crane, but Rutledge remains skeptical.

Rutledge proceeds to ask him a series of questions that lead Crane to a flashback in time.

The Interrogation

We find Crane back when he was still on the side of the British. He is left by his superiors to interrogate Arthur Bernard, a freed slave who was suspected of being a traitor for soliciting documentation inciting an American revolution.

Crane orders Bernard to be put in a chair and shackled.

Before the interrogation can begin, they are interrupted by a woman; a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Katrina.

She challenges Crane regarding his treatment of Mr. Bernard. She tells Crane that she is a Quaker, and that she believes that every life is precious. She demands that she be allowed to treat Mr. Bernard’s wounds. Bernard tells her that he is fine, and that he is in good hands.

She looks Ichabod in the eyes, and tells him that his eyes betray him.

Your eyes betray you. The inner voice that wants to show him mercy, that’s called a conscience.” She says as she exits the room.

When we find him again, another officer is seen beating Mr. Bernard. Crane yells “Enough!” The soldier is asked to leave the room.He asks Mr. Bernard once more who Cicero is. If he can provide him with that he can restore his freedom.

Bernard refuses to give up the information. He cannot bring himself to give up the name of a man who he knows will be killed upon his unveiling, thus causing his family pain and suffering.

Crane tells him that his captain will not hesitate to kill him; however, that mattered not to Mr. Bernard.

Bernard tells him that there are demons all around them posing as men, and turning men on one another.

After days of interrogation, Crane is called away to stand guard at a public hanging. The captain sought to use these public displays to make an example out of the people who defied the crown.

After the three men were hanged by their necks, Crane approaches the captain and tells him that he is not sure that the public displays were having the desired effect. He believed that they were possibly sparking a new kind of discord.

The captain is quick to put Crane in his place, challenging his loyalty to the crown. Crane assures him that he is faithful as always.

The captain then walks away from him. Off in the distance, Crane looks on at the captain. Suddenly, he sees his face change. Could the captain be one of those demons that Bernard spoke of?

The Meeting by The Water

Later that day, Ichabod finds himself in the company of the Quaker from earlier.

She speaks to him once again of his conscience.

Ichabod tells her that they are from two totally different worlds; however, he has the oddest sensation that they have known each other all along. Unfortunately, this cannot be possible, as Ichabod does not believe in spirits or destiny. She tells him that he is a terrible liar.

We come to find out that the woman who bears the resemblance to Katrina is in fact Katrina.

They talk some more, and soon she begins to be able to finish his sentences for him. She realizes that he possesses the ability to bear witness. When the men of his regimen ride up on them, Katrina bids him farewell.

Finding the Sin Eater

Meanwhile, Abbie and Jenny search for the Sin Eater.

Jenny explains to Abbie that every culture has their own version of the Sin Eater, someone who has the power to cleanse the wicked of their sins. Abbie likens them to priests; however Jenny explains that the difference is that instead of absolving them of their sins, they reach into their soul and swallow their sin.

Jenny tells her that she had been following someone for a while; however, he just dropped off the map one day. She tells Abbie that he used to visit people on Death Row before they were sent off to be executed. She says that their last words were always the same.

I am sanctified.”

Abbie remembers back to the vision she had of Katrina, and Katrina said those same words to her.

Back at the station, Abbie and Jenny are pining over logs and books, anything that can assist them in locating the Sin Eater; however, they can’t find anyone on the visitor’s list that links all the known cases together.

Suddenly, Abbie gets a revelation. It’s not a visitor, but an inmate. Someone by the name of James Turcotte shows up on multiple prison rosters in their possession. It would appear that he takes on the identity of a dead prison inmate to remain hidden, using that name when he visits the next inmate. This leads them to the last name he used, Ian Kellett.

They track him to an apartment in Hartford, CT. When they convince him to open the door, they tell him that they know who he really is, a man by the name of Henry Parrish. Abbie tells him that they know what he has been doing and how he has been assuming others’ identities. She tells him that they need to talk. He unlocks the door and allows them entrance to his home.

Once inside, she tells him that she is aware of who and what he is. She tells him that her friend is missing, and that she needs his help.

At first, he refuses to help. He explains to them the perilous nature of his job, and the pain and agony that it causes him. Jenny tells him that no matter the detriment, he has a responsibility.

Abbie begins to quote Revelations to him. She explains that her friend has a blood-tie to the first horseman of the apocalypse linking their spirits together. He realizes that they seek for him to sever the blood tie between the two.

Abbie tells him that he has the power to separate the two of them. He asks her where her friend is now. Unfortunately, she was hoping that he could tell her that.

He tells her that if her connection to Ichabod is strong enough, that he could use it, but he doesn’t do it anymore. When he attempts to walk away from them, he comes into contact with Abbie. All of a sudden he begins to get visions. He realizes that Ichabod is being held underground behind a door with the symbol of the free masons on it.

They continue to ask questions; however, he tells her that he has told them everything they need to find him, and he politely asks them to leave his home.

The Hunt is On

Now, we find Abbie and Jenny down in the tunnels. Unsure of which door he is actually behind, thy are checking everything for the proper symbol.

Jenny tells Abbie that the founding fathers and the Templar Knights are the good guys; however, Abbie makes a very valid point.

If they’re the good guys, then why do they have Crane?” she asks.

Continuing the Past

We find ourselves back in the past as Ichabod returns to further interrogate Mr. Bernard. His captain tells him that he has failed, and there is only one road to redemption. He is to take Mr. Bernard to the forest and kill him like the animal he is. He then hands Ichabod a gun.

Bernard tells Crane that if he kills him he will have to live with the stain on his soul until he begs for absolution. He tries to explain to him that absolution is what he is offering him, what Katrina is offering him. Crane asks him how he knows what Katrina is offering. Bernard tells him that if he pulls the trigger that he will never find out.

Crane orders Bernard to march. He draws his weapon and fires at Bernard; however, he doesn’t seem to have hit him.

The life you knew will never return.” Bernard says.

Bernard tells Crane to find Katrina, and that she will lead him to Commander Washington. He tells him to speak the words “Order From Chaos” to Katrina, and she will know which side his heart has chosen.

Just as Bernard goes to walk away, he is shot in the back. Ichabod screams. It was the captain. He immediately calls out Crane as a traitor.

Without hesitation, Ichabod runs him through with his sword. Suddenly, the demon inside of him materializes. The demon overpowers Crane, sending him flying to the ground. Just as the demon encroaches on him, two riders make their way in, and the demon runs away.

The next time we see Ichabod, he is stumbling into Katrina’s home, bruised and bloodied. He speaks the words to Katrina and she holds him on the ground.

The Truth

When Crane’s flashback is over, Rutledge and the other men he was speaking to realize that he truly is Ichabod Crane. He tells Crane that they are humbled to be in his presence.

Crane asks that if the book is a true account of his story, and he did not write it, then who did. Rutledge tells him it was Katrina. They were allies for some time. That is until she betrayed them. She betrayed them by sealing Ichabod away where they could not find him.

They know of the blood tie between him and the Horseman, and know that Crane is condemned to this fate, and that they must seal it for him.

They present a box on the table, and tell Crane that he knows what he must do.

Finding Crane

Jenny locates the door that they are looking for; however, before they can make a move, there are two men with guns trained on them demanding that Abbie drop her weapon. Of course, we all know Abbie, and we all know that is never going to happen.

After threatening to bring the entire police department down on them, needless to say, they let her and Jenny in.

Ichabod tells Abbie not to be alarmed that these men are his brothers. Abbie demands that the men release Crane. Ichabod asks the other men to excuse them so that he may explain the situation to Abbie.

He tells her that the masons have been tracking the Horseman, and that with his arrival, the threat of the apocalypse draws closer. He tells Abbie that if he dies, then the Horseman will die. He tells her that it is the only way.

Abbie says that she knows someone who can help, someone who can separate him from the Horseman. He tells her that Katrina has searched and searched, and that she has failed. Abbie tells him that it was Katrina who sent her on the search.

Ichabod tells her that there isn’t time to travel to this “Sin Eater”, that the Horseman has almost arrived and that his solution is the only way to guarantee that the terror of the Horseman comes to an end.

The two of them argue some more over the inevitability of the situation. Crane tells her that this is what he must do in order to preserve the future for humanity.

He tells her that perhaps it would be best if she left before he drank of the potion. She tells him that there are too many people that she never got to say goodbye to, and that he would not be one of them.

He takes a deep breath, and then drinks of the potion.

Many images start to flash before his eyes. He hears sees flashes of both Katrina and Abbie, both of their voices as well; however, the message remains the same. Both of them ask him to stay with them.

Suddenly, Henry Parrish appears before them. He tells them that Ichabod doesn’t have to die. Parrish demands that everyone clear the room.

He tells Crane that he has finally found the reason for what he has been given. He tells him that he has given him something to delay the poison reaching his heart. He tells him that he can remove it. He tells Crane to give him his hand.

Parrish tells Crane that as long as he carries his sin in his heart, the Horseman will always remain. Parrish tells him to say his name out loud, of which Crane does. Parrish yells for him to summon him into this world.

Suddenly, Parrish disappears and Bernard is in front of him.

Bernard tells him that he told him he would find him once again. Parrish tells him that his death is not on his soul, but his salvation. He tells Crane that he needs to forgive himself for his “sin”, and the Horseman will lose his tie to him. Bernard tells him that this will free him to stop the Horseman.

Bernard asks Crane to repeat after him,

I purge the wicked from my blood. Our spirits severed, my soul sanctified. Death, leave me now. I command you.”

Suddenly, Ichabod’s blood that lie dormant on the table separated into two separate pools. Now, Bernard has disappeared, and Parrish is back. He dips a sponge into the blood on the table and swallows it. The room shakes as if an earthquake has erupted, and when the tide settles, Crane can no longer feel the Horseman.

Crane has been sanctified.

Parrish tells them that the Horseman rides, he can feel him. Crane tells him that they will be ready.

The Horseman Rides

The Horseman was indeed prepared. He makes his way to the underground cavern where Crane original awoke.

After grasping some of the dirt surrounding Ichabod’s grave, the Horseman knows that Ichabod has awoken, and will not set out on his path to destroy him.


Things are definitely starting to get intense in the small town of Sleepy Hollow. The Horseman has returned, and the blood tie has been severed. Now the hunt is on to vanquish the Horseman once and for all from Sleepy Hollow.

Here is a look at next week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow.

Make sure to check back with us next week as we take a look at Episode 7 of Sleepy Hollow entitled ‘The Midnight Ride’.

Sleepy Hollow airs on Monday nights at 9:00 p.m.  on Fox.

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