Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort in 'The Wolf of Wall Street'. Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ A Look Inside Leonardo DiCaprio’s Latest Film

Director Martin Scorsese’s latest film The Wolf of Wall Street is based on the true life story of Jordan Belfort, a young penny stockbroker from Long Island.

Belfort, played in The Wolf of Wall Street by Academy Award nominee Leonardo DiCaprio, made his fortune at a very young age. In the 1990’s Belfort founded the brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont. This functioned as a boiler room, marketing penny stocks, where investors were defrauded with fraudulent stock sales.

The firm employed over 1,000 stock brokers and was involved in various stock issues totaling over $1 billion. The most notable of those issues was an equity raising for the footwear company Steve Madden, Ltd.

The film will also show you a lot about Belfort’s hard partying lifestyle that he adopted soon after the money started rolling in.

The screenplay was written by Terence Winter, executive producer of shows like Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos, and was based off of the book of the same name by Jordan Belfort himself.

The Wolf of Wall Street certainly has no shortage of A-List talent.

In addition to DiCaprio, the film stars Emmy winning actor Rob Reiner and Royal Pains actress Christine Ebersole as Belfort’s parents Max and Leah Belfort. The film also stars Pan-Am’s Margot Robbie as Naomi Lapaglia, Matthew McConaughey as Mark Hanna, Jonah Hill as Donnie Azoff, The Walking Dead’s Jon Berenthal as Brad, Ethan Suplee as Toby Welch, actor/director Jon Favreau  as Manny Riskin, and Absolutely Fabulous actress Joanna Lumley as Aunt Emma.

Here is a look at the trailer for the upcoming film, The Wolf of Wall Street.

The Wolf of Wall Street is scheduled to be released on December 25, 2013.

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