Bakersfield Condors to wear Gettysburg Address jerseys



Do you love America? Do you also happen to love hockey? Then the Bakersfield Condors have unveiled the sweater of your dreams. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, the ECHL squad will roll out these bad boys and wear them in an actual hockey game.

On the front, of course, is everyone’s favorite president in Abe Lincoln. We think this is actually a secret ploy to celebrate one of the raddest beards in the history of mankind during Movember, but we digress. Upon further inspection, there’s more to this sweater than initially sticks out.

After you get done wrapping your head around a group of hockey players skating around while wearing this thing for 60-plus minutes, you might notice a Bud Light decal in the upper right hand corner and cannons on the armpits. America! It’s beautiful!

But wait, there’s more.



They wrote—nay, they scrolled—Lincoln’s famous speech on the back of the sweaters themselves. Albeit underneath the player name and number. All of this is tied together with an odd image that seems to feature both the flag of the United States and the Confederacy in equal prominence.

The Condors will be auctioning off the sweaters after Sunday’s contest to benefit the BARC, according to the team’s official website.

We aren’t quite sure if this is an epic sweater fail or if slapping Abe Lincoln and an American flag on a jersey is almost so cool that it resets the bar and just appears uncool. You be the judge.

Cue the “four score” jokes.

(h/t to Deadspin for the photos)

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