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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 6 Episode 9 Recap ‘John 8:32’

When they said that secrets would be revealed in tonight’s episode, they were certainly not kidding. If I had to choose one word to describe tonight’s episode, it would be ‘Wow.’ There is no sense beating around the bush, so let’s just get to it. Let’s take a closer look at tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy entitled ‘John 8:32’.

The Cold Shoulder

In the last episode we saw Jax pour his heart out to Tara, essentially begging her to let him back inside. I think it is safe to say that this is not going to happen. While she doesn’t say anything outright rude or obstructive to him, you can tell that she is putting some major distance between them. Jax can see it as well.

When Jax hears Thomas crying, he goes and picks him up and gives him his bottle. This is when Tara shows up. She takes Thomas and begins feeding him at the table.

Jax sits at the table with her and opens up to her about everything going on in the club right now, including the situation with Clay, the Irish, and the guns.

He tells her that he spent all night trying to figure out how to help her with these charges, but she tells him that he can’t. He tells her that the one thing he can do is be honest with her, which he hasn’t.

He tells her that he will stop saying I love you to her, as it must be hard for her to hear, but he wants her to know that it is what he feels. Unfortunately, I am not 100% sold that the door swings the other way.

The Queen and the OG

Gemma and Nero finally get back together after both of them spending their fair share of time in jail. Gemma sits down and spills the beans on every little detail of what happened with Tara.

He asks her if she can prove it. She tells him that the only witness she has is Wendy. He tells her that she is going to need a lot more than the word of a junkie that Jax hates. She knows that as well.

The DA and her Master Plan

District Attorney Patterson goes to see Lt. Roosevelt to update him on the state of affairs.

She tells him that she is providing him with 3 additional units, and that she wants 24/7 surveillance on the Sons of Anarchy. He asks her if this is the best use of their resources. She tells him that the minute they turn their backs is the minute that another tragedy happens. She asks him if he will have a problem stepping on the club. Of course, Eli tells her no.

She tells him that he will have backup within the hour.

The Wrench in the Plan

Jax shows up to Scoops & Sweets to update the club on current events.

While they are in the middle of their conversation, Unser shows up. He tells Jax that he needs a minute of his time. Jax starts out by telling him that he appreciates how good Unser has been to Tara and the boys.

He tells Jax that he has known Gemma for a long time; however, before they can really get into the conversation, Jax looks out the window and sees a teenage girl beating on his bike. When Jax tries to approach her, she throws a wrench through the window of the store. Jax chases her, and when he catches her he grabs her and asks her why she did that. Unfortunately, she starts to scream “rape” at the top of her lungs.

Thankfully, Jax had the good sense to let her go and not cause a scene.

Unser tells him that it was Gary Putner’s daughter. Apparently, she has been out of juvenile detention and rehab since she was 12. She has a few obvious issues.

Apparently, the girl’s father is an equipment foreman for Oswald.

Here’s the kicker. The girl’s mother was killed right after the girl was born. She was killed in the pile up that was caused by the tractor trailer that killed John Teller.

While they are still talking, Roosevelt pulls up with some reinforcements. He tells him that they are going to have some company for a while. He tells him that it is not his call, and that these guys are courtesy of Patterson. He tells Jax that the tail is going to happen, and not to make it ugly. Jax agrees.

After Roosevelt leaves, Chibs tells Jax that this is going to be very bad for them. They have a rather busy week ahead of them. Trust me, I think Jax realizes that.

Unser tells him that he needs to finish the conversation that he started with him. Jax tells him that they will, and they head inside. Before they can start anything back up, Juice cuts in and tells him that he has Barosky on the line.

Barosky says that they need to meet to discuss some issues. Jax tells him that he will have to come to the club in light of their new friends. They agree to meet at Diosa.

Jax tells Juice and Tig to find the girl. Jax, Bobby, and Happy go to meet with Charlie.

The Legal Matters

Tara is meeting with Ali Lowen once again. They are finalizing all the paperwork for Tara’s upcoming filings.

Lowen tells her that she has been looking over her medical records; the pregnancy test, ultrasounds, blood work, etc., all of which was expedited by Margaret Murphy. Lowen tells her straight that using false medical records to substantiate a custody hold is a felony. Tara tells her that she is aware of that.

Lowen tells her that they are 2 weeks away from the trial, and that if she has anymore drama planned, then she needs to know about it right now.

Unfortunately, I think it is sad that Tara is becoming every single little thing that she claims to hate. Some of you are going to disagree with me, but to me it seems that Tara and Gemma seem to be switching places. Gemma seems to be a lot more focused on her family now, and Tara is turning into the person who is willing to lie, cheat, and screw over anyone she has to in order to get what she wants.

Whether or not she is doing what she thinks is right, you can be dead wrong for all the right reasons.

The Power of Jesus

We find Clay in the most unlikely of places, church.

What in the name of the Lord is Clay Morrow doing in church? Does he plan to turn over a new leaf? Yeah, and pigs are purple and fly first class.

Anyhow, back to the point.

Clay is supposed to be broken out of jail, and he seems to be taking visual cues from another inmate in the chapel.

The preacher is speaking of the word of John 8:32. For those of you like me who cannot quote scripture by heart, John 8:32 reads like this.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Boy does that hold true in tonight’s episode.

While the preacher is in mid-motivational speech, the right guard walks in and Clay gets his visual cue from the other inmate.

I could barely contain myself with what happened next. Clay goes on a rant about the glory of p****. Yeah…that. I think Clay has officially lost what is left of his mind.

When the guards step in to contain him, he leans forward and quite literally bites the nose off of one of the guards. Clay is wrestled to the ground with blood flowing out of his mouth like that of a vampire, not relenting for a moment in his speech.

Let’s just say, that was a rather eventful way to get sent to the medic. If you want to know everything that Clay said, you are going to have to watch the episode, but trust me…it is worth it.

The President, the OG, the Dirty Cop, and the MILF Madam

When Jax arrives at Diosa, he finally sees Nero. Jax tells him that it is good to have him back.

Nero tells Jax that they need to catch up before Barosky shows up and ruins their day. They head to a back room so that they can have a private conversation.

Nero tries to explain to Jax a little bit more of Gemma’s side of the story. He tells Jax that he needs to take a closer look at the situation and see if there is something that he missed. All of a sudden, it is like a switch flipped and Jax is starting to get really defensive really quickly.

Nero is just trying to help him make sense of the situation, and Jax accuses him of calling Tara a liar, and gets right in Nero’s face. Jax needs to take a breath and back up here. If there is one thing I hate, it is people who refuse to see the truth that is right in front of their faces.

Jax tells him that if they are going to continue to do business, his family is off limits, and this conversation never happens again with anyone. Oh Jackson, if you only knew.

Barosky tells Jax that the DA really wants him on the gun charges, and that she is going to continue to strangle everyone who gets in bed with him until she gets what she wants.

Charlie tells them that he got closed down due to health violations thanks to the DA. Collette tells him that they declined the permit for Diosa Del Sur due to undisclosed reasons.

Charlie tells him that there is nothing he can do about it, and he has to bail on their deal. He cannot afford the trouble right now. He tells Jax that if things change, to give him a call.

After Charlie leaves, Gemma shows up. As he goes to leave, Jax makes a smart comment about Gemma “sending Nero to do her dirty work.” Nero interjects and tells him that Gemma didn’t send him to do anything.

Finally hearing enough of Jax’ mouth, Gemma stands up and tells Jax that he needs to know what Nero did for him on the inside. She tells him all about how instead of flipping on Jax and sending him up the river, Nero gave himself up as the supplier of the gun. Jax can’t believe it. He asks Nero if that is true.

Nero tells him that before he could cut the deal, they got the evidence back that linked Erin’s murder to Toric. So with no evidence left to link him to anything, she had to cut him loose.

Jax is really having a hard time with all of this. He tells Bobby to call everyone to the table. He says that the club needs to take a vote on something.

The Girl with the Wrench

The club tracks down the address of the girl who assaulted the store. Her father opens the door, and after a short conversation let’s Jax into the house.

Mr. Putner tells Jax that his daughter has a lot of issues; anxiety, bipolar. He says that her mother had it as well. He says that they recently lost the house and were packing things up. She says that they found a lot of pictures of her mother, and a newspaper article that described how she died. He says that in her messy little brain, she blames them.

Surprisingly, Jax has been very understanding about this whole situation. It’s almost like he is able to make sense of the things in his life vicariously through the lives of other people, yet when it comes time to actually handle his own business, he can’t see the truth. However, that is a story for later.

Jax sees a picture of Putner’s wife on the mantle. Jax tells him that she looks familiar. I wonder why. I say that with the utmost of sarcasm.

Mr. Putner offers to pay for the damages to the store, but Jax tells him not to worry about it.

I have to say, I am very pleased with the way that Jax is handling this situation.

The OG and the Liar

For some reason, completely beyond me, Nero goes to see Tara at the hospital. He tries to get her to see what she is really doing here.

He tells her that she doesn’t strike him as being a malicious person, but maybe she needs to take another look at what’s been done, and the rift that it is causing in the family.

Tara gets really, really defensive about everything and tries to walk away. She tells him that he doesn’t get to weigh in on her family, and that he doesn’t know her. He agrees, but tells her that he does know Gemma, and she is not going to lie down and just let this happen, and trust me she is not. All Nero is trying to accomplish here is to find some sort of a middle ground, and get everything repaired.

Unfortunately, this is the exact opposite of what Tara wants. She wants the family unit to remain broken so that she has a clear path to do what it is that she wants to do, steal custody of the boys away from Jax and get as far away from Charming as possible. However, I fear that she may be digging herself into a hole so very deep that the wings of an angel may not be enough to pull her from the wreckage.

Tara tries to spin all of this around on him and Gemma. She brings up John and his death, Clay and his almost demise, and then there is Nero. In fact, she flat out accuses Gemma of personally killing John Teller. Fortunately, we will hear the truth about this later, but I digress. She tells him that he had better get away from Gemma before the same fate befalls him. Well then, that is a rather Gemma like move from the good doctor. I guess her case for innocence is out the window.

Clay’s Inside Connections

The doctor comes in to see Clay. He unstraps him and takes the Hannibal Lecter mask off of him and hands him a phone. He tells Clay that if he flips on him or gets caught, he will bring him back in there, strap him down and fry his brain with a triple dose of Thorazine.

Now is Clay’s time to get in contact with the Irish. Can they get Clay out before it is too late?

The Queen and the Unknowing Witness

Margaret Murphy gets a message at the nurse’s station that Tara was looking for her. So, she heads over to Tara’s office and knocks on the door. When she walks inside, the door closes behind her. There is Gemma and all her glory.

Murphy threatens to call security on her. Gemma tells her that there is no need for that. She has played out how this is going to happen, and if she puts a hand on her, that will only feed her self-righteousness.

Gemma tells her that she is going to take off of Tara’s medical records documenting Tara’s pregnancy and her miscarriage to the hospital board and let them know their neonatal administrator is a bit of a grifter.

Margaret tells her that it would be Gemma’s word against hers. This is exactly what Gemma needed to know. You see, had those medical records not been fake, Margaret would have told her that she was crazy and that the documents were real.

Margaret tells her that she can’t prove anything. Gemma tells her that she doesn’t need to prove anything. All she needed was something better than the word of a junkie to present to her son, and that he will be the one to prove everything.

And when he does, I’ll tell you right now, Red…there won’t be enough security in this state to keep you safe.” Gemma says as she walks out of the room.

The Vote

The club is in the chapel taking a vote. It is unanimous. We’ll find out soon enough what it was for, and you are not going to believe it.

The President and the DA

Jax goes to see DA Patterson. She is truly surprised to see him sitting across from her.

He tells her that he is there to make her an offer. She is quite taken aback. He tells her that he has an Irishman who sells KG-9s; a real king of the new Irish Catholic revolution. She asks him what he is offering.

He tells her that he is willing to turn over Galen O’Shay. He says that he will deliver him with a shipment of guns, open and shut. He tells her that it will happen in the next 10 days. She then wants to know what is in it for him. In exchange he wants full immunity on all gun charges past and present for him and his club. He tells her that he wants legitimate club, and that can’t happen while people are trying to crush his legitimate business efforts. He also tells her that she needs to look at Tara’s case again. He puts all of it on Toric.

She doesn’t truly trust him.

I’m giving you a win well above your pay grade. You get your devil, and you punch your ticket out of this cesspool. So, let’s not get too lost in righteousness.” He says. “I’m the scumbag outlaw, and you’re the pillar of justice, and neither one of us likes looking at ourselves in the mirror.”

He asks her if they have a deal. She tells him that if she doesn’t hear from him within 10 days, he will spent the last 7 months in this office making his life as miserable as the law allows and that his wife will be in jail until their kids graduate high school.

The Helping Hand

When Jax and the boys get back to the club, Oswald is waiting for him.

Jax tells him that they are moving out of his lumber warehouse, and that they are moving out of guns. He also tells him about Gary Putner. He tells him that they lost his house, and are in need of help. Jax tells him that he would help them himself, but he is tapped.

Oswald tells him that he is throwing his hat in for mayor. He tells Jax that he is going to need some faith. Jax tells him that he’ll give him whatever he needs.

Oswald tells him that he will be in touch.

Just then, Jax’ phone rings. The person on the other line is panicked. We’ll find out who and why in a little bit.

Clay’s Recompense

Looks like the good doctor who allowed his phone call is getting his palm greased from both ends. He straps Clay back into the bed and takes the phone from him. When he walks out of the room, he allows two of the guards that Clay attacked earlier, one of them being the one that is missing a part of his nose, to come in. He tells them that they have 40 minutes.

Unfortunately, they know this drill all too well.

When Things Hit the Fan

Back at Diosa, Nero is having a conversation with a girl and a prospective customer. Happy walks in and tells Nero that Jax needs to talk to him. He says that it is something about the DA.

Nero goes back to meet Jax only to get sucker punched.

Apparently, Tara tells Jax that Nero called her a liar and a manipulative bitch, which we all know never happened.

If she told you that, then I guess she is.” Nero says.

At this point, things have gotten way out of hand. They are essentially killing each other. Gemma tries to go back there, and she is told that it isn’t a good idea. Gemma says that they are going to kill each other because of her and tells Happy to go break up the fight.

Finally, Happy runs into the backroom and separates Jax and Nero.

Nero apologizes and says that he never meant for it to go down like this. Jax yells out that he shouldn’t be apologizing and that Gemma is the reason they are trying to kill each other.

Nero tells Jax that he has no idea the things that Gemma has done for him. Gemma tries to stop him, but he says that Jax needs to hear this. He goes on to tell him about everything that happened to Gemma when she went to the prison to see Clay, and how the guards forced her to have sex with Clay while they watched.

She tells him that it doesn’t matter, that it is done.

Then Gemma drops the real bombshell. She tells him that she just talked to Margaret.

She tells him that everything was a lie; the pregnancy, the miscarriage, all of it. She tells him that she is filing for divorce, and that she is planning to take the boys away from him, from everybody. She tells him that she is sorry, and that she loves her too. She tells him that if she isn’t going to tell him, he needs to find someone that will.

Jax is surprisingly quiet after that. What? No more yelling? I guess the truth really does set you free.

Confirming What We Already Know, the Truth

Later that night, we see Lowen walking up to TM. Unser is standing outside waiting for her. He thanks her for coming out. He tells her that he needs to talk about Tara and the kids. He ushers her inside his trailer. He tells her to have a seat; however, he never joins her. This can’t be good. He tells her that he will be right back, and he closes the door.

Suddenly, Jax walks out from the back room. Words cannot accurately describe the amount of terror on her face at this exact moment.

He tells her to sit down. He says that he doesn’t want to have to hurt her, but he needs to ask her some questions. She begs him not to do this, but he wants his answers.

He asks her if Tara is divorcing him and taking his sons away from him. She tells him yes. He asks her if the pregnancy was all a lie. She says yes, she thinks so. When he asks her why, she tells him it was over custody papers so that Gemma couldn’t take the boys.

She begs him not to hurt her. He tells her to get out. When she doesn’t move, he kicks the door open and screams for her to get out.

She stumbles down the stairs and heads to her car.

Unser asks him if he got what he needed. Jax tells him yes. Unser reminds him of his promise to him; that no one gets hurt over this. Jax repeats it to him.

As she is driving away, who is the first call she makes? That’s right…Tara.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Nero tells Gemma that Tara had quite a few things to say about her. She asks him what she told him. He tells her that Tara said that she killed JT. He asks if this is true.

She tells Nero about how John was trying to get the club out of guns, and how he was spending a lot of time in Belfast. She tells him about Maureen Ashby and their affair. She tells him that this is around the time she started seeing Clay. She goes on to tell him that Thomas died during one of John’s many trips, and that she was not kind. She said that she made sure the pain and anger of losing her baby came down on John full force.

She tells him that John came undone after that, and that all his hopes of turning the club legit went out the window. She tells Nero that Clay and McGee put John back together, but in the other direction. They turned the club into real players in the gun trade.

Gemma tells him that he started writing in this journal, questioning every decision that he had ever made. She says that he stopped caring about the club, and about his family.

She says that JT was the weak link.

Nero tells her that she did not answer his question.

She tells him that she didn’t kill him, but she knew that it had to be done. The same way Nero knew it had to be done with Arcadio.

We live and die by that code. I know it now, and I knew it then.” She said. “And I did not hide my opinion from the man I’d fallen in love with.”

She tells him that she gave her blessing for Clay to kill John Teller. She tells Nero that she has never told that to anyone, including her son.

When she walks out of the room, it is very difficult to read Nero’s expression. Part of me wants to believe that he understands what she said to him, but the other part isn’t so sure.

The Girl with the Ghosts of the Past

When Jax gets to Scoops & Sweets, Bobby and Chibs meet him outside. They tell him that the girl with the wrench has come to see them, but she won’t speak to anyone but Jax. Jax tells them that he wants to talk to her alone, so when they head inside, Bobby and Chibs round everyone up and tell them to get upstairs.

She apologizes for the bike and the window.

Jax tells her that he talked to her father. She tells him that she is not really sure what happened. She tells him that she found the article, and found out that they moved into the store. She tells him that she has things going on in her head.

She tells him that her father told her that Jax had talked to her father’s boss and that he is going to help them keep the house. She asks him why he would do that after what she had done. He tells her that it was his way of saying sorry to her mother. She cries and thanks him again.

The Wrap Up

We are finally at the point in the show where everything starts to wind down, and we get a sense of what is on the road ahead.

First, we see Tara holding Thomas and singing him a lullaby. I think after the phone call from Lowen, she knows that there is absolutely no going back to the way that things used to be. Will Jax forgive her and move on, or will rage and anger take over and him do something crazy? Furthermore, what is Tara going to do when she is faced with Jax for the first time? Being honest here, the time for words with them is over.

Clay has obviously not gotten the out that he was expecting. He sits alone in a padded cell, beaten and bloody, and tied up in a strait jacket. What could be going through Clay’s mind at this moment?

Gemma is sitting at the kitchen table smoking a cigarette. She certainly has a lot to process from tonight. Her son’s life is in shambles, her relationship with the man she loves is on the line, and she just spoke words that she has never spoken to anyone.

Nero is a very hard man to read. I sincerely cannot tell where his mind is going with this one.

Jax has the most of all to contemplate. He has the issues with the Irish, the DA, and now finding out that his wife has been lying to him all along and is plotting to steal his children from him. I will say that at this point, he has taken things surprisingly well. Let’s see how long that lasts when he finally sees Tara, though.

On her way out of the diner, Putner’s daughter passes a very familiar woman digging in the dumpster. Those of you who have been watching Sons since the beginning have seen this woman many times before.

This nameless homeless woman always shows up when there is a truly difficult decision facing someone. Is she the bringer of salvation, the harbinger of death, or something different altogether?

The final thing we see tonight is Tara holding Thomas once again. This time, we see that she has a gun on her knee.

What in the world is she planning to do with that? Is she planning on shooting Jax; maybe herself? Does she feel that she needs is as protection when she finally comes face to face?

For every questions show creator Kurt Sutter answers, he gives us three more to contemplate.

This was certainly one of, if not the, best episode of the season.


Make sure to check back with us next week as we take a look at the next episode of Sons of Anarchy entitled ‘Huang Wu’.

Sons of Anarchy airs on Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. on FX.

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