Brandon Bollig puts Adam Pardy through glass, helmet man is born

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Something happened during the Winnipeg Jets and Chicago Blackhawks game last night that you’ve truly got to see to believe. Chicago forward Brandon Bollig took Winnipeg defenseman Adam Pardy hard into the glass. The glass gave way, falling backwards into the crowd at the United Center.

Thankfully it didn’t shatter, but something bizarre took place once the fans were no longer separated from the players.

The fans who happened to be sitting where the incident occurred had clearly been “doing work” (that’s what we called it in college: doing work) and thought it would be a funny idea to pry Pardy’s helmet off of his head and wear it. And in that moment, hockey fans around the globe witnessed the birth of something we’ll all remember and talk about for years to come.



The incident falls neatly into the “have to see it to believe it” category. According to various sources, a beer at the United Center during a Blackhawks game will run you $7.75. Ending up immortalized in GIF and meme form for all time is priceless though.

Pardy, on the other hand, didn’t end up having a very good time. Adding insult to the injury that comes from getting put through a pane of Plexiglas, at least one fan thought it was the natural reaction to poor beer on the opposing player in that situation.


Poor guy was just trying to play a hockey game. We don’t want to say that we’ve seen it all now, but this is certainly one big check off of the bucket list.

See a player get checked through the glass, a fan steal and wear his helmet while other onlookers dump beer on the guy that was put through the boards. Check, check and check.

(h/t to SBNation for the GIF and photo)

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