'Game of Thrones' Director Says Season 4's Penultimate Episode May be as Bloody as the 'Red Wedding'


Just when you thought that Game of Thrones couldn’t possibly get anymore bloody, they go and make a point to prove you wrong.

Games of Thrones director Neil Marshall sat down with Flicks and the City to talk about the ‘Blackwater’ episode as well as the episode that he will be directing in the coming season.

When asked if we can expect any more Red Wedding-esque type of blood drama to come up in the season, he was pretty confident that it would hold up.

“I wouldn’t doubt it.” Marshall says. “I think that’s one of the key things of Game of Thrones is to take characters that you loved for three of four years and then butcher them brutally. Yeah, there’s a bit of drama and tragedy in my episode so I’m sure there is for the rest of the season as well.”

That is definitely an accurate statement. If there is one thing that George R.R. Martin is exceptionally good at, it is making you love a character with all your heart, and then making sure that they die as bloody and brutally as possible. Just ask the Stark family. Oh, yeah…you can’t…

Marshall will be directing the penultimate episode of Season 4 of Game of Thrones, which is Episode 9, entitled ‘Castle Black’.

Game of Thrones is still filming Season 4, which is expected to premiere in 2014.

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  • Stephen Baxter

    for anyone that has read the books, this basically spells out that jon snow will die(not really though) in ep9

  • Cosmillusion

    “Games of Thrones director Neil Marshall sat down with….”

    Fix the error in this sentence..