Madden NFL 25: Next Gen Live It Trailer


The release of Madden NFL 25 on next gen consoles is upon us with it only a week away and there’s plenty of anticipation with what people can expect.

EA Sports has released a new trailer that details how the game will bring the excitement and emotion of Sunday football into the game.

Some of the things that fans of the Madden series will see are players, crowds and announcers reacting intelligently and dynamically to what is actually happening on the field.

The players will demonstrate more awareness and emotion reacting to what their team mates and opponents do on the field.

The crowd will be a factor with them reacting to big moments that occur in the game, such as standing during long passes downfield or erupting after a game-changing touchdown.

The commentary from announcers Jim Nantz and Phil Simms will also be more unique and real with references to past performances in a player’s Madden NFL universe.

Madden NFL 25 will be available for Xbox One, the next gen system from Microsoft on November 19th, and the PS4 on November 12th.

The trailer below will highlight some of the features gamers can expect when Madden NFL 25 arrives on the new consoles.

The additions that developer EA Tiburon has put into game will give the most realistic experience possible and make you feel like a real NFL player.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions about the game and if you plan to pick it up for either console when it hits stores.





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