Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer gets death threats for wiping butt with Brazil soccer jersey (Video)

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This might be the most random story you see today. Red Hot Chili Peppers are currently touring in Brazil and did something soccer fans find offensive. According to TMZ, RHCP drummer Chad Smith was in Belo Horizonte during a drum clinic when he was gifted a Flamengo soccer club jersey.

He then opened it, showed it off, then put it down the back of his pants like he was wiping his butt with it. The crowd booed and someone threw something at Smith’s head.

Flamengo is probably the most popular club team in South America and they have a very strong following. Flamengo fans are catching wind of this gesture, and promising to cause chaos at their Rio de Janeiro show, including death threats.

A quick reading of the comments YouTubers brought forward these examples (who presumably used a translator):

“It does’t mater how much is gonna be you next show in RIO, hope you not be such STUPID to came, but if you came here, WE WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU!!! MENTAL DEFECT!”

“Will arrive in Rio de Janeiro you will die motherf***er, f*** you!”

“Hey stupid drummer, you gonna play here at Rio de Janeiro. It is a stupid thing do this against the biggest nation of Brasil. You must to think more, drink less e play this drum better.”

“Messed with the wrong crowd, Ban was to meet you”

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