Aaron Ramsey says Arsenal feel confident ahead of Manchester United game

Arsenal have took a 5 point lead in the English Premier League table with a win over Liverpool and Newcastle United beating Chelsea. They followed that up by getting a Champions League win against Borussia Dortmund in Germany. That stretch of games has Arsenal feeling pretty confident ahead of their game against Manchester United on Sunday.

Aaron Ramsey, who scored the lone goal against Dortmund, told the Daily Mirror:

“I think the boss said the other day that, from January, we’re the team in the league who have picked up the most points.

“I don’t think our form has been that bad after Christmas. In the last few seasons, we’ve had to dig in and get a load of points to get fourth place. We’ve managed to do that.

“Our biggest problem over the last few seasons has been starting off well. But we’ve managed to do that this season. If we get ourselves into a strong position, then our ability to get as many points as we can in the run-in has been second to none.

“We had a fantastic run-in to last season, and after the disappointment of the opening game of the season we managed to build on that and keep it going.

“If we can do that now and keep it going up until Christmas, then we know that we have the ability to compete. So far, we’ve shown we’ve got what it takes.

“We’ve got a massive game now at Manchester United and in the past few seasons we’ve struggled to go there and get a good result, so hopefully we’ll feel a lot more confident and this will be the time when we do manage to do that.”

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