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UFN 32 results: Cezar Ferreira defeats Daniel Sarafian by Split Decision

The Ultimate Fighter Brazil final that never happened is finally here. Daniel Sarafian and Cezar ‘Mutante’ Ferreira will square off tonight in a middleweight battle. Mutante is undefeated in the UFC thus far, while Sarafian is coming off a submission victory over Eddie Mendez in June.

Round 1: Mutant with two push kicks to start the fight. Sarafian is stalkin Mutante, as Mutant circles away. Sarafian throws a punch and pushes Mutante to the fence. Sarafian is looking for the trip takedown, but can’t get it. Mutante gets the underhook on one side. Yamasaki breaks them up and they restart in the middle. A big 1-2 combo lands for Sarafian! Mutante goes for a takedown, but Sarafian stuffs it. Sarafian drops for the guillotine, but Mutante’s defense is impeccable. Now Mutante is pushing Sarafian up against the cage. Mutante backs away  and lands multiple kicks to the body. Mutante misses a spinning hook kick. Mutante pushes Sarafian against the cage, and again moves off. Sarafian nails a big right hook as the two men exchange! Sarafian lands a glancing left hook. Straight right lands for Sarafian. Uppercut and head kick lands for Mutante. 10-9 Mutante for control and effective striking.

Round 2: Inside leg kick lands for Sarafian. A strong double leg takedown by Mutante. Mutante is right in half guard. Sarafian gets back to full guard. Mutante lands a weak right hook. Not much action here on the ground. Sarafian is bleeding near his right eye. Mutante’s head is locked up by Sarafian, but he easily escapes. Mutante is stacking him, and Sarafian rolls out. Sarafian lands a left hook and stuns Mutante! Sarafian is throwing heavy leather and Mutante does not like it! Mutante with another big takedown into half-guard. Both men are throwing elbows on the floor. Sarafian is having difficulty getting up when Mutante is on him. Mutante is fishing for the arm triangle choke, and Yamasaki stands them up. Bad stand up right there by Yamasaki. Front kick from Mutante. Sarafian is now pushing Mutante on the fence. 10-9 Sarafian for hurting Mutante, but it was a close round.

Round 3: Sarafian with a stinging right hand to start the round off. Mutante lands a head kick and straigh left. A missed spinning back kick by Mutante and Sarafian has his back. Great flurry by Sarafian. Mutante with a strong double leg again. Mutante is working from half guard once again.Mutante is smothering Sarafian, but not throwing many strikes. Mutante is again fishing for the arm triangle, but gives it up. Sarafian is attempting to wall walk to his feet, but Mutante’s pressure is too much. Yamasaki stands them up, but Mutante takes Sarafian down again immediately! Mutante has Sarafian’s back with both hooks in. Sarafian stands up with Mutante on his back! Mutante is fishing for the rear naked choke, but Sarafian is fighting it off. The fight ends in that position. 10-9 for Mutante easily, giving him the fight on my card.

Official Decision: Cezar Ferreira defeats Daniel Sarafian by split decision (30-28, 30-27, 28-29)


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