What to make from sales numbers for Call of Duty: Ghosts?


Activision just released their new first-person shooter to the world last week with Call of Duty: Ghosts.

This was one of the more anticipated titles to come out and in the past couple of years the series has pulled in some impressive sales numbers.

The game did have a lofty challenge in attempting to dethrone the best selling title this year with GTA V.

The open-world game from Rockstar made over $1 billion in just three days and earned world records from Guinness for being both the fastest game and the fastest entertainment product to do so.

It was announced after the game came out that Call of Duty: Ghosts surpassed over $1 billion in retail sales. That figure announced by Activision relates to copies sold in retail and are awaiting consumer purchase.

This means that retailers purchased $1 billion in retail copies for the game, and this doesn’t reflect how many sales were made to actual customers.

The retailers were obviously expecting high demand for the game and wanted to have enough copies of the game available.

It remains to be seen what the actual sales are for the game, but I’m positive that Activision will release the title’s sales numbers within the next couple of days.

The Call of Duty franchise is still very popular among gamers even with it releasing every year.

The game received mixed scores from reviewers and some claimed there were some frame rate issues with the single-player campaign.

It seems to be the one game that regardless of the issues continues to have success.

Let me know what are your thoughts about the game and something that could be improved on in the future.




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  • dilusha

    The actual sales figures are lesser than the 500m$ opening day sales of BO2. Activision confirmed that at least. So it could be anything below 500m$.

    • Branden_Lucero

      no, actually that could indicate how many physical copies sold. you can sell less copies and still make more money. how? because Call of Duty’s overly expensive “editions”. we all know many will purchase, like they’re prestige edition that retails for $199, $50 more than GTAV’s own collector’s edition.

      so even if Ghosts sells less than Black Ops II, it can still make more money because of the editions.

  • sean

    This was so poorly written.

    • sean

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