Jun 15, 2013; Winnipeg, MB, Canada; UFC president Dana White talks to the media at the press conference following UFC 161 at MTS Centre. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Dana White's UFN 32 post fight media scrum

Dana White usually makes time for the media after events in what is now known as the ‘media scrum’. In this week’s scrum from UFN 32 (courtesy of Whoa! TV), Dana talks Alexander Gustafsson’s new fight with Jimi Manuwa, his previous opponent Lil’ Nog, Jon Jones, and much more.

In the scrum, Dana discusses a very interesting tidbit regarding the Alexander Gustafsson and Lil’ Nog fight. Supposedly, Lil’ Nog had never accepted the fight before bowing out with an injury.

Here is the quote from Dana White (Courtesy of MMA junkie):

What happened was that night we decided to make the fight, Gustafsson said yes, and they couldn’t get hold of him [Lil' Nog], so I said, ‘F–k it,’ and just went with it and announced the fight, and of course, he’s hurt.”

“The fight isn’t for four months, and he’s already determined he’s hurt,” White said. “I don’t understand that. The guy is always hurt. Every time you call him, he’s hurt.”

Obviously, Dana is upset that Lil’ Nog pulled out of the fight. Is it possible that Dana believes Nogueira is feigning injuries in hopes of getting more favorable fights? Regardless, Nogueira is certainly not winning any praise from the president, fans, or fighters alike.

You also have to wonder why Dana would announce a fight that was not set in stone. In the last few years there have been more than a few occurrences where Dana said he was not at liberty to disclose fight information because the deal was not set yet. Why would this fight be any different? Either way, this entire situation is not looking good for Lil’ Nog.

There is a ton of other great information in the video including Dana’s thoughts on Jon Jones being a matchmaker, why Jimi Manuwa got the call to fight Gustafsson, and much more!

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