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Invisible bike helmet becomes a reality

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Okay, this is one of the sweetest inventions you could imagine. If you ever have to ride a bike through a busy city to get to work, you may be worried about your safety. Unfortunately, not only do you lose some “coolness” points if you are wearing a helmet, but you could worry about messing up your perfectly styled hair on the way to work.

Luckily for you, there is an invisible helmet that allows you to avoid those concerns while still protecting your dome out on the streets riding your bike.

Some geniuses in Sweden from the company Hövding came up with the incredible “invisible bike helmet” invention. To be fair, the helmet isn’t actually invisible, but it collapses in to a stylish device that you can wear around your neck. It is an airbag of sorts that collapses in to the device around your neck.

The device pops open to protect your head when it detects impact or unusual shift in gravity. Hopefully it is comfortable.

Of course, the rest of your body will be in danger if you get smacked by a car, but at least it looks cool and your head will be protected.

Here is the device in action:

[H/T: SI Extra Mustard]

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