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Producers Pitch TV Series on Charlie Sheen/Brooke Mueller Custody Battle

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At what point can one say that reality television has reached the point of no return when it comes to the borderline between quality programming and desperation? I am fairly certain that line has been tap danced on today; as producers are currently pitching a TV series surrounding the ongoing custody battle between bitter exes Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller.

There is no shortage of comedy and/or drama between these two. They light up the tabloids on almost a daily basis, but is this something that we really want to see on the television amid the other 9 million reality shows that are currently on television?

Between Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the multiple versions of The Real Housewives series, and Jersey Shore, on top of so many others, do we really need to watch the battle over two children play out on the screen? I mean, really? Even if it is in a scripted series, I just can’t say that I would be rushing to set my DVR for this one.

According to TMZ, a TV production company approached Dr. Charles Sophy, the Medical Director of The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services asking him if he would be interested in participating in a television series profiling the real-life drama/comedy in Charlie Sheen’s gated community.

In case you didn’t know, Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller, his ex-wife Denise Richards, all of the three’s children, as well as Dr. Sophy.

According to the TMZ report, Dr. Sophy told producers in no uncertain terms that he is not interested in participating.

While it may seem that would put an end to the project, TMZ claims their sources tell them the production company has not given up on the idea.

We shall see how this does, or maybe doesn’t, play out.

Would you be interested in watching a series, scripted or not, about the constant drama surround the Charlie Sheen/Brooke Mueller custody drama? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think.

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