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‘Sleepy Hollow’ Episode 7 Preview ‘The Midnight Ride’

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It’s Monday night, which means that Sleepy Hollow is back tonight with an all-new episode. Before the action gets started, let’s take a closer look at tonight’s episode entitled ‘The Midnight Ride.’

After Abigail, Ichabod, and Jenny survived the arduous path put before them last week when Ichabod had to enlist the aid of the Sin Eater, they have a whole new task in front of them. Now, they have to come face-to-face with death itself, the Headless Horseman.

Here is a look at the official synopsis of tonight’s episode.

Abbie and Ichabod must find hidden clues to thwart the evil in Sleepy Hollow and Abbie gets an unexpected visit from the enigmatic Andy Brooks (guest star John Cho).”

As we saw in the preview, the Horseman returns to Sleepy Hollow tonight.

The Horseman will kill every night until he gets what he desires. We know that the Horseman’s only weakness is sunlight. Unfortunately, we all know that the Horseman is too smart to be trapped outside after sun up. In order for Ichabod and Abbie to be successful, they are going to need to enlist the powers of a witch.

Hmm…I wonder where they can find one of those. Looks like the two witnesses will be paying a visit to Katrina tonight.

Can Ichabod and Abbie come up with a plan to stop death himself before any of the innocent residents of Sleepy Hollow lose their heads? Find out tonight on an all-new episode of Sleepy Hollow.

Here is a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow.

Make sure to check back with us tonight as we recap tonight’s all-new episode of Sleepy Hollow entitled ‘The Midnight Ride.’

Sleepy Hollow airs on Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. on Fox.

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