Sony shows greatness is coming in PS4 unboxing


I hope you’re ready because the time is upon us with the next gen console era beginning, as Sony will launch the PS4 this week.

They have a jump start on the competition as Microsoft will bring out the Xbox One a week later.

Sony has a good line up of launch games that’s highlighted by first-person shooter Killzone: Shadowfall and a few others.

Killzone was developed by Guerilla Games and it’s one reason to own a PS4. They’re introducing some new gameplay features and the game is expected to be a instant classic.

Another game that’s expected to be popular among people that purchase the console is Madden NFL 25.

The first football game on next gen consoles will give people the opportunity to play as their favorite players in the NFL.

The console will release with a racing game after all even though Driveclub was delayed.

The fine people at Ghost Games will have Need For Speed: Rivals available at launch for those people that need a driving fix and want to experience an adrenaline rush.

Sony has released an official unboxing video for the PS4.

The video shows off what’s included in the North American box, namely: the console itself, with a 500GB drive; a network voucher; a quick start guide; a DuckShock 4; an HDMI cable; a power cord; a USB charging cable; and a mono headset.

The system will launch in North America on Nov. 15 and Europe Nov. 29.

Let me know your thoughts about the video and if you plan on purchasing the system on day one or if you prefer to wait.

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