'Batman vs. Superman’ Kevin Smith on New Batsuit: ‘You have not seen this costume on film before. It is mind-bending.’


This past Saturday, director, actor, comedian Kevin Smith moderated a fan event for the Blu-Ray release of director Zack Snyder’s film Man of Steel. The event featured a Q&A session, and unfortunately, if you went by the Q&A you would think that the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film wasn’t even on the radar; however, Kevin Smith has ways of getting information. He has boldly gone, where very few have gone before. Not only has he seen the batsuit from the upcoming film, but he has seen a picture of his friend Ben Affleck in the suit.

On the November 9th edition of his weekly podcast entitled Hollywood Babble-On, Smith and his friend Ralph Garman discuss a lot of topics, but when Smith dropped the bomb about the new batsuit, that simply took precedent over everything else in the world.

After the Q&A session, Snyder pulled Smith aside and showed him something that even he wasn’t expecting.

“He pulls me to the side, he pulls out his iPhone as if it was going to be ‘Look at this picture of my kids,’ and he showed me something that, I’m  not kidding, I went glassy-eyed, and not because I was baked, absolutely glassy-eyed, and I went weak in the knees” Smith said. “It made me happy in such a way that nothing that I’m not involved in has made me feel in a long time. I saw…the batman costume. More than that, I saw a picture of him (Ben Affleck) in the costume.”

He says that he was so happy that he instantly bear-hugged Snyder.

“I don’t want to give anything away ’cause that is up to them and stuff, but I am going to say this…I instantly bear hugged him. You have not seen this costume on film before. For a comic book fan, it was mind-bending. Because every other movie does this Matrix-y slash X-Men black armor thing.” He said. “There wasn’t a single nipple on this suit.” Smith joked. “The costume blew my mind. I think everyone is just gonna be like ‘Holy S**t!’ It’s its own thing. We haven’t been down this path at all.” He continued. “It’s pretty spellbinding. Even the hardest core person will be like ‘Alright, I’m ready.”

Unfortunately, it will probably be a while before we actually get a glimpse of what Kevin Smith has already laid eyes on. Especially since the movie is still in the very early stages of production. Just like always, I am sure that it will end up leaked somewhere long before Warner Bros. decides to release it.

There are two things about this that really seem to grab my attention. The first one is Kevin Smith’s excitement. Strip away the fact that he is best friends with Ben Affleck, aka the man in the batsuit, and you have a man who is a hardcore comic book fan all the way down to his core.

For someone like Smith to show that kind of excitement over the design speaks volumes about where Zack Snyder is going to take this film.

The second is that he was very specific in the fact that this is not something that we have ever seen on film before. That means that there is no odd matrix-looking design, and thank God, no awkward nipples. I mean, come on…if they had some sort of neat, technological use to them they wouldn’t be so bad, but nipples for the sake of nipples on a superhero costume…come on.

In any case, we now know that we have something original to look forward to. That is a difficult thing to say when you are dealing with a franchise like this that has so many different incantations and alternate universes, and speaks a lot about the direction the film is being sent in.

Are you like us and anxiously awaiting your chance to get a look at the new suit? What do you think the new design looks like? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think.

Kevin Smith’s podcast entitled Hollywood Babble-On is new every Monday and available on iTunes.

Batman vs. Superman is scheduled to be released on July 17, 2015.

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