Mar 15, 2013; Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Georges St.Pierre and his entourage make their entrance during the weight-in for UFC 158 at the Bell Centre. Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Georges St-Pierre's mentor said he should and might retire on Saturday

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UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is set to defend his title on Saturday night at UFC 167, the promotion’s 20th anniversary show. As he prepares for his latest defense, St-Pierre’s mentor Kristof Midoux said that he has been discussing plans for a post-fighting career and Midoux believes it is time for the champ to step away.

If St-Pierre takes Midoux’s advice, we could be seeing GSP’s final fight in the octagon on Saturday night.

“Me, I told him ‘after this one, it’s over! Shine on that night. Finish that dude in front of everyone. Shut your detractors up. If you finish that guy, if you knock him out, then you’ll be free, you’ll be happy to take the microphone and to say that you’re done. To say that you are giving your place to others,'” said Midoux, via LA Presse.

“I told him ‘finish well, Georges, and have the courage to take the microphone and to thank everyone.’ Those who won’t understand are those who have nothing to understand. They’re selfish. It’s time for him to think about himself. It’s the greatest gift he can give to himself. He could take advantage of what life has to offer and start a family.”

Midoux seems to strongly believe that St-Pierre is considering his advice and that leaving the sport aside and allowing his training partner and protege Rory McDonald to take the spotlight is the right thing to do.

“Rory has the ability to become a champion,” said Midoux. “Rory will never want to fight Georges because they’re friends. So I told Georges, ‘out of respect, don’t keep that guy from climbing the ranks. You’ve had your career.’

“Shake his hand on Saturday evening and yield your place to him. You don’t need this to life.  Pass the torch to the next generation. Help Rory become a champion to show that Canadians dominate this weight class. It would be intelligent. It would be generous and Georges is generous.”

St-Pierre is currently 32 years old, so if he wants to keep on fighting he has plenty left to give.

However, if he chooses to start a family and step aside, you couldn’t fault him for that decision either.

What do you think, FanSiders? Will GSP call it quits after Saturday’s bout or should he continue fighting? Sound off in the comments section below.

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