The Shining recounted as an 8-bit video game

The release of next gen consoles coming out in the next couple of days and weeks shows us just how far we’ve come in terms of technology and graphical power.

The days of playing video games with minimal graphics are gone and have been replaced with games that blur the line between fantasy and reality.

However its still nice to see that someone can remind us of where we came from.

CineFix takes us back to 1980 and gives the Stanley Kubrick classic film The Shining a makeover in eight-bit form.

They did a great job of representing the movie in a game form that people can remember from many years ago. This was a time when the best way to fix a malfunctioning cartridge was to blow into it and hope that it would work.

Those sure were fun times where using your lungs at full capacity was the only method to make a game run with no other option available.

The people at CineFix cleverly choose to use the game Maniac Mansion as seen from the picture.

If you can’t remember this was a game developed and produced by LucasFilm (later Lucas Arts) in 1987 for the Commodore 64.

The name of the game is a perfect summary of The Shining and the gameplay appears to be as well.

This video shows us a speed run of Maniac Mansion.

The video below shows the classic film retold as an eight-bit game.

This was really impressive that someone was able to do this and shows that games can be fun even without the best graphics.

Let me know your thoughts about the video and sound off in the comments section if it brought back any fun childhood memories.






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