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‘Sleepy Hollow’ Episode 7 Recap ‘The Midnight Ride’

Tonight, on an all-new episode of Fox’s hit series Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod and Abbie are charged with doing the near impossible; cheating death himself. The Horseman will ride tonight in the small town of Sleepy Hollow, so let’s not waste another second. Sit back and relax as we recap for you tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow entitled “The Midnight Ride.”

The “Regulars” are coming!
We start our little tale in Boston on April 18, 1775; the night of Paul Revere’s famous Midnight Ride.

As he made it into the town, he whispered to one of the villagers, “The “Regulars” are coming, tell the others.” Like a chain reaction, one person tells another and they tell another, and eventually the word spreads like wildfire.

Paul Revere and his attachment rode through the forest as the sun began to rise over the town. Suddenly, from behind, the Hessian soldier approaches. One by one he would cut the men down’ the last one standing, Paul Revere.

Buying in Bulk

I find it hilarious that Ichabod is so perplexed by the thought of shopping in a Sam’s Club or Costco type of environment; however, I can understand his point. If they had those sorts of supplies during the war it may have made all the difference.

Abbie tells Ichabod that now that his blood-tie to the Horseman has been severed, he is more vulnerable. In other words, the Horseman can cut him down without fear of dying himself. If course, the same is true vice versa.

While they are putting everything in the house away, Abbie’s alarm goes off on her phone. They have just one hour until the sun sets and the Horseman will ride once again.

The Freemasons have told Ichabod that they have information on how to exploit the Horseman’s weaknesses. They have asked to have council with him. Of course, the strict “no girls allowed” policy would leave Abbie out in the dark.

Reigniting the Flame

For some unknown reason, Morales is really interested in getting back in Abbie’s good graces. He tries everything he can to strike up small talk with her, but she is really not having it.

He pleads with her to just give him 2 minutes to speak.

She tells him over and over again that she doesn’t have time for it, but finally she gives in. She agrees to meet him for coffee the next day; however, she is clear that he needs to temper his expectations.

Seeing a Ghost

Later that evening, Morales is walking down the street when someone in a dark alley calls out his name. Like every hair brained man, he decides to follow the voice into the dark alley.

Somehow, I don’t think he was prepared for what he saw. Standing before him was Andy Brooks. You know, the officer who is supposed to be dead.

He tells him that he needs to stay away from Abbie and that he is the only one who can protect Abbie. Brooks tells Morales that there is a war coming, and pretty soon he would have to decide what side he was on. He warns him once again to stay away from Abbie. He tells him that he trusts he will make the right decision.

The Trouble with Freemasons

When Abbie gets to her car later that evening, she realizes that she has a missed call from Ichabod. When she checks the voicemail, Ichabod tells her to meet him at the Freemasons house.

He tells her that he will rectify the situation that prevents her from attending and tells her to get there immediately.

When Ichabod enters the house, he hears a loud noise, and then what sounds like dripping on the floor. Quickly, he grabs hold of a sword that he located in the hallways. Upon further inspection of the home, he finds one of the Freemasons sitting at the table bereft of his head.

Abbie sneaks up behind Ichabod, and almost ends up ran through. Thankfully, he was able to discern who she was in a proper amount of time. Shishkebob is not a good look for Abbie.

They open the door to the balcony to see the Headless Horseman upon his steed. In his hand was a bag full of the heads he had taken that evening. Without explanation, he simply rides off.

Captain Irving and the CSI

Ichabod and Abbie are left to explain the events of the night to Captain Irving. His biggest, most burning question is why the Freemasons ended up with their heads removed.

Irving asks Abbie where all of the heads are. She informed him that the Horseman took them with him.

He tells her that as far as anyone is concerned, their current stance is cult ritual suicide. Because that is obviously easier to explain than a Horseman with no head stealing the heads of multiple other people, right?

Irving tells Abbie that he is trying to help her. He tells her that he is trying to give her what she needs to take him down, but at this point, he still has no proof that the Horseman even exists. So…it is proof you want, hey. This ought to be interesting.

The Working Theory

While Abbie was finishing her conversation with the Captain, Ichabod had disappeared into another room. He is searching through books and paperwork in search of something.

Abbie finds him and asks him if he had found anything. He finally finds the book that he is looking for. Unfortunately, that book seems to be missing the exact pages he needs. Flustered, he throws the book to the ground.

He tells Abbie that all those centuries ago when he was in battle with the Horseman, he knew that once his chest was sliced open that he was a dead man. His last thought,

“If I’m going to die, he’s coming with me.”

Ichabod is harboring a lot of anger at this point. He assures Abbie that if he is to leave this world that the Horseman is coming with him, for he shall not leave this Earth with him still on it.

Suddenly, after staring at a picture of General Washington that had been sliced open at the throat, Ichabod realizes the real reason as to why the Horseman came to the this evening. He was in search of his skull.

Abbie reminds him that Katrina told them that if the Horseman were reunited with his head, it would hasten the arrival of the other 3 Horsemen. Simply put, they have to find it before he does or the world is doomed. So is the life of a superhero.

Bending the Rules

Back at the station house, Abbie and Ichabod tell Captain Irving what they need. They explain that they need the Horseman’s skull so that they can destroy it. Unfortunately, this means destroying evidence; something that the captain is not so keen about.

I think it is safe to say that Captain Irving is not exactly keen on their plan. Abbie assures him that she will take care of it, and that it will never come back to him. Unfortunately for them, Irving doesn’t have it. He had the skull sent to another lab for further testing.

Ichabod tell him that the Horseman will continue to kill every night until he gets what he desires. Certainly, this is not something that Irving can have on his watch. Abbie asks him to trust them.

Irving tells them to hang around the station, and that he won’t be gone long.

Retrieving the Skull

Irving heads to the lab where he had the skull sent for testing.

He talks to the scientist who tells him that he is amazed by the findings of the tests. He tells him that there are no definable cell structure, no DNA markers, and essentially no signs that the skull was ever alive.

When Irving asks Paul to get him a box to transport the skull in, that is when things start to get weird. Irving turns back, and the skull opens its eyes. I don’t know about you, but to me, that is time to exit stage right.

Suddenly, the Headless Horseman comes barreling through the door, this time with a machine gun. Needless to say, I think that Paul has a few extra holes in him at the moment. Irving draws his gun and begins to fire on the Horseman. I wonder if that is proof enough for him.

When the gunfire rings out again, Irving seeks shelter behind the counter.

Irving puts enough rounds into him that he drops the machine gun; however, not quite the amount needed to kill him. So, without his gun, the Horseman decides to pull out his trusty axe. When Irving reaches for the skull, the Horseman flings his axe directly at him.

Irving pulls a move out of Morpheus’ book and pulls a Matrix-like move, and the axe finds itself stuck in the wall. Irving retrieves the head, but unfortunately for Irving, the Horseman retrieves another shotgun.

Irving is able to shoot open one of the pipes in the room that sent smoke spraying into the air, blinding the Horseman. This provided Irving with the opportunity that he needed to get away; or so he thought. First, he is blindsided by the Horseman’s steed. When he is able to avoid that, he sees the Horseman himself standing in his pathway.

The Realization

Somehow, Irving is able to get past death and make his way back to the station to meet with Ichabod and Abbie. He delivers the skull to them with a renewed sense of confidence in them. I think coming face to face with the Horseman really changed Irving’s perspective on the whole thing.

He now realizes that everything they have told him from the very beginning was true.

The Demolitionists

Ichabod and Abbie do everything that they can possibly think of to destroy the skull. They try busting it up with a sledgehammer, which ultimately ends up breaking the sledgehammer, dissolving it in acid, which does nothing but stink up the joint, and even blowing it up with a full on explosion. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can destroy the skull.

Off in the distance, Ichabod can see four lanterns lit off in the distance. He runs off to investigate. I don’t think he was quite expecting what he found. It was the heads of the Freemasons that the Horseman had stolen. They all have lights lit inside of them, the tops of their skulls lined with silver.

He tells her that when he went to tell Adams that the enemy was coming by sea, he saw him hand a document to Paul Revere. A special document kept by the Freemasons that traveled from location to location that contained enemy secrets that could be used to defeat the crown.

They realize that this symbol is one that is used to trap demons. Now, what they are trying to figure out is why this symbol would be on such a document. Ichabod realizes that the Horseman of Death was with Paul Revere on that day so many centuries ago.

He believes that this manuscript contains the secret that they will need to destroy the skull.

The Manuscript

Abbie and Ichabod track the manuscript down to the Tarrytown Museum of Colonial History. After Ichabod has an encounter with a less than knowledgeable tour guide, Abbie tells him that she has both good news and bad news for him.

She tells him that the bad news is that the manuscript is on loan to a museum in London, which Ichabod says is a 3 month voyage by sea. Thankfully, they won’t have to go that far.

The curator informed her that before they sent it away, they uploaded the manuscript online. Unfortunately, Ichabod has no idea what that means, but the good news is that Abbie does.

Back at the station, Ichabod and Abbie search through the manuscript for a clue as to how to destroy the skull.

Abbie places a printed copy of the manuscript in front of Ichabod and tells him that it is written in some sort of code. He tells her that it is similar to a Caesar Shift Cypher, instead of shifting the alphabet based on the letter; it is shifted based on the word.

The manuscript is encoded with a Vigenère cipher. In other words, without the code word, they have no chance of ever deciphering the manuscript.

Abbie’s alarm goes off. It is almost time for her to meet Morales for coffee. She is attempting to call him to cancel their plans for the evening; however, his encounter with Andy Brooks really messed him up. So much so that he can’t even answer the phone to Abbie.

While Abbie goes to make her phone call, Ichabod hits another errant key on the keyboard, bringing up a porn site. This makes him so uncomfortable that he just closes the laptop altogether.

After a moment of staring at the skull, he walks over to it and picks it up. He sees the word “Cicero” inscribed on the back of the Horseman’s teeth.

Ichabod just found the keyword he needed.

The Ghosts of the Past

Right after she hangs up the phone from leaving a voicemail for Luke, she sees someone sneaking up on her. She quickly strikes them and draws her weapon.

Surprisingly for her, she realizes that it is Andy who is behind her. She can’t believe her eyes. He is supposed to be dead. She saw him die.

He tells her that he is dead.

Brooks tells her that he is trying to protect her. He tells her that he will not stop coming after her until he gets his head. Brooks tells her that she cannot kill death, but she can trap him. This is only way that they can defeat him.

Ichabod walks up on Abbie and Andy. He asks Andy if he is still in communication with the Horseman. He tells Ichabod that he is. Ichabod tells him to tell the Horseman that if he wants his head back, he will meet him at the cemetery when night falls. Andy tells him that he will deliver the message to him.

They turn their backs for a second, and he is gone.

Abbie is scared now. She tells Ichabod that Andy told her that the Horseman couldn’t be killed; only trapped. Ichabod tells her that he is right, but he knows how to do it because he has deciphered the password.

Death cannot be slain, but it can be captured and caged against its fiery will. As sunlight is his only weakness, a witch must be summoned to cast a spell transforming the moon into the sun whilst death is exposed.”

While they try to decide where they are going to find a witch suitable for the job, Abbie comes up with a pretty brilliant plan. Witches may have been the only source of daylight at night back when the manuscript was written, but today they have UV Light. This should serve the same purpose.

Trapping Death

Ichabod and Abbie enlist the assistance of Captain Irving. They plan to hang numerous lit skulls throughout the tunnels in an attempt to lure the Horseman deep inside.

While Ichabod and Abbie wait for the sun to go down they pace inside the station. He asks her if her constant checking of the time is in relation to her not receiving an answer from Luke.

Abbie blows it off that it is probably “for the best.” She says that she has to keep too many secrets, and the parts of her that she would want to share, she just can’t.

It is finally time for their plan to spring into action.

The sun has set, and the Horseman is raised. Ichabod meets him outside and shows him the skull. Ichabod leads the Horseman on quite the chase. Quickly, he jumps down a tunnel, forcing the Horseman to follow him.

One by one, the Horseman finds and smashes their fake skulls. Soon, he realizes that it is Abbie who has the real one. Suddenly, you hear Abbie scream for help as she fears that she has broken he ankle. Just as the Horseman approaches her, she screams for the trap to be spring. Suddenly, a UV light turns on, and the Horseman is trapped. They place him in chains just as the screen goes black.

Well, this is a pretty big step in the storyline progression. Next week, Ichabod and Abbie are going to attempt to interrogate the Headless Horseman. Yes, you heard me correctly.

The big question here is, can they find his weakness before the Horseman finds theirs?

Here is a look at next week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow.


Make sure to check back with us next week as we take a look at the all-new episode of Sleepy Hollow entitled ‘Into Darkness’.

Sleepy Hollow airs on Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. on Fox.

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